PHOTOS! Golden Horseshoe Has Reopened in Disneyland

We’re getting excited about all the reopenings at Disneyland.

The Golden Horseshoe

We recently got to enjoy a meal at the newly-reopened Carthay Circle Restaurant, and we checked out the buffet at a newly-reopened Storytellers Cafe. And Pacific Wharf Cafe has reopened, too (bring on the bread bowls!). But today, The Golden Horseshoe has officially reopened! And we were there to check it all out!


The Golden Horseshoe has tons of history and details, like this sign outside the restaurant…

The Golden Horseshoe Sign

…and this decorative corner design.

The Golden Horseshoe is open!

Inside, the main eating space looked beautiful, with tables spaced on the floor as well as on the upstairs locations. It wasn’t super busy when we visited.

Main Eating Area

We saw the iconic Golden Horseshoe stage with curtains closed for now.

Golden Horseshoe Stage

And the counters for ordering are located along one side of the main floor.

Golden Horseshoe Counter


As for the menu, entrees include Fish and Chips, Chicken Tenders, and a Chicken Mixed Green Salad.


The kids’ menu lists the Power Pack, which includes a Danimals Smoothie, a Cutie Orange, Fish Crackers and Milk or Water, as well as a Chicken Tenders meal.


The “Grand Finale” menu (aka dessert) features the House-made Chocolate-Chunk Cookie Sundae, the Golden Horseshoe Ice Cream Float, B0-Peep & Sheep Spoon and Clip, Woody’s Boot Mug, and a Mickey Ear Hat Bowl.


And beverages include a Souvenir Sipper and other assorted fountain beverages as well as Coffee and Hot Tea that you can get in a Travel Mug.


Today we ordered the House-made Chocolate-Chunk Cookie Sundae, and it was as delicious as it was adorable.

House-made Chocolate-Chunk Cookie Sundae

It comes with a warm triple chocolate-chunk cookie made with brown butter and topped with hand-scooped vanilla ice cream as well as drizzled with caramel and chocolate sauce. YUM.

House-made Chocolate-Chunk Cookie Sundae

Keep reading DFB because we’ll be back with a full review of all the eats at the Golden Horseshoe soon!

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Have you ever eaten at The Golden Horseshoe? Let us know in the comments!

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