REVIEW: Was Changing An Iconic Disneyland Meal at Cafe Orleans the Right Call?

Disneyland Resort is finally open after over 400 days of being closed, which means the return of some of our favorite eats!

We’re back!

One of those places is Cafe Orleans in Disneyland, known for its absolutely ICONIC Monte Cristo Sandwich and delicious Pommes Frites! The location has historical significance, as it’s been at Disneyland since New Orleans Square opened in the park in 1966! It was first called Creole Café and still hosts the original espresso machine that brewed up drinks for Walt Disney himself! Let’s see how this favorite spot is holding up!

This French Quarter restaurant is one of our absolute favorite places to eat on property, so of course we had to visit now that the parks are open! As Cafe Orleans is one of only two restaurants in Disneyland to offer seated dining right now (the other being River Belle Terrace in Frontierland), we figured it will be pretty popular!

We knew that the menu was not the same as before the pandemic, so before you decide to eat at Cafe Orleans, we need to give you a heads up so you can avoid any disappointment! But there are still some delicious eats on the menu, and we’re here to tell you all about them! Head on down to New Orleans Square with us to check it out!


Cafe Orleans has a small, charming vibe to it, but it definitely has a whole lot of character!

A lovely themed sign!

Right now, most of the dining is in the outdoor patio space, there’s actually only room inside for about one or two parties, so you’ll most likely be sitting outside!

Those blue umbrellas really pop!

But sitting out on the patio shouldn’t be much of a problem, as it’s completely shaded, which makes it an ideal spot to escape the heat!

We’re happy to be in the shade!

As you can see, the theming of the decor is BLUE. The blue seat cushions coordinate with the striped blue umbrellas at every table to give the cafe a breezy, springtime feel!

Simple but pretty design

This patio is definitely one of our favs in the park!


If you couldn’t tell by the name, Cafe Orleans serves casual Cajun and Creole cuisine (try saying that 5 times fast!).

New Orleans Square at Disneyland

Since Cafe Orleans reopened, they’ve been operating with a limited menu. Our beloved Mickey Beignets are GONE! But don’t fret, you can thankfully still grab them over at the Mint Julep Bar (phew!).

Mickey Beignets

The limited menu is VERY small! So if you or your family need somewhere with a lot of variety, this is probably not the place for you right now!

Luckily, these few items are some of our absolute favorites, so we were happy to stop in for food at the cafe! At your table, you’ll be given a QR code to scan so you can view the menu on your phone.

QR codes for the menu!

You can also scan the QR code at the front entrance of the restaurant to see what’s on the menu!

Scan this before going into the restaurant!

For drinks, there are typical fountain drinks along with a few specialty items like the ever so popular Mint Julep! You can also get hot coffee and tea.

Drink up!

Moving on to appetizers, there’s only two options available, the La Salade de Maison for $6 and a cup of the Seasonal Soup for $7.

That’s it?!

Now, let’s address the elephant in the room, the fan-favorite Pommes Frites are no longer on the menu as an appetizer (GASP!). People are NOT going to be happy about that — the fries were such a great starter to share with your group! It seemed like a tradition for many Disneylanders to share a Monte Cristo, with its 4 hefty fried pieces, and an order of fries. Not anymore.

Cafe Orleans Old Pommes Frites

BUT, the famous frites are not completely off the menu, they do come automatically as a side with both Monte Cristo Sandwiches (there are other changes happening with the sammie we’ll get to in a sec!). You can also sub the Pommes Frites as a side for the Bourbon Street Chicken for NO additional cost!

There are 4 entrees available: Shrimp and Grits for $23, the Bourbon Street Chicken for $21, the Monte Cristo Sandwich for $21, and the Three-Cheese Monte Cristo for $21.

Still some great options!

If you’re looking for some options for your kiddos, there are three things available. The Chef’s Chicken Specialty for $10, Mickey’s Cheesy Macaroni for $9, and Shrimp and Grits for $12. Each kids’ entree comes with a choice of two sidesvegetable crudités, seasonal vegetables, seasonal fruit, jasmine rice, and cheese grits.

Kids menu

We ordered the Minute Maid Lite Pomegranate Lemonade for $4.50. We also got a water because it’s hot out here and we have to stay hydrated!

Such a fun color!

The Pomegranate Lemonade was nothing too special, but it was very tasty! It’s a super refreshing pick me up for those 90 degree days!

Water with everything, please!

Up first, we just HAD to start with the legendary Monte Cristo sandwich, we’ve missed it so much! But, the sandwich at Cafe Orleans right now is not the same as it was before the closures. The portion has been cut in HALF!

There used to be 4 wedges here

While some people might be upset at the half portion, we think the 2 wedges are honestly more than enough for a meal! The Monte Cristo is a heavy sandwich and can make you feel full really fast. The original came with 4 pieces and was a beast to conquer (hence the splitting it with fries and friends!). The OG version came with a handful of grapes as well.


The sandwich has sliced turkey, ham, and Swiss cheese all fried in a light batter. It’s then dusted with powdered sugar and served with a yummy berry puree. It automatically comes with the parmesan-garlic Pommes Frites and a side of Cajun-spiced remoulade, a very unique combo!

What a pretty plate

The actual taste of the sandwich was, no surprise here, incredible! I mean it’s basically a deep-fried ham and cheese sandwich, what’s not to love?! The sweet berry and sugar mixed with the salty cheese and meat might seem unusual but trust us — this is so popular here for a reason. We’re so happy to have the iconic Monte Cristo back in our lives!

The powdered sugar is sensational

The fries were, of course, a delight. We would have liked a handful more (because they’re wonderful and salty and cheesy and garlicky) but found the serving, between the sandwich and fries, to make for a just-right meal. For $21, it’s a pricey sandwich, especially considering for a few bucks more you used to get twice the sandwich (sans fries). Regardless of which side of “Monte Cristogate” you’re on, it’s still a classic and REALLY good. We do miss the old setup, but it is kinda nice to have your own fries too.

What a pretty plate

Next, we tried the Bourbon Street Chicken for $21, which is a “honey-kissed” chicken served with jasmine rice, seasonal vegetables, and Bourbon sauce.

Bourbon Street Chicken

While the chicken *usually* comes with rice and veggies as the sides, you can instead choose to get a combo of rice and pommes frites, veggies and pommes frites, or double frites. That’s right DOUBLE FRITES PEOPLE! We may be a bit biased to that option!

Two members of our dining party got the chicken — one with frites and veggies and the other with rice and veggies.

Who needs rice when you can have fries?

The chicken was absolutely DELICIOUS! The Bourbon sauce is loaded with flavor and not too sweet, and the chicken was super tender.

Dig in!

However, our veggies weren’t really seasoned, so we ended up dipping them in the Bourbon sauce. They could definitely use a little more salt and additional flavor! Dipped in the sauce though they were quite yummy and made for a fresh, yummy side. The jasmine rice was nothing to write home about — it was your standard steamed rice. Moral of the story: frites. Always frites. (Unless you’re being healthy then veggies are OK too! 😉)

Colorful veggies!

We think this is the perfect dish to get at Cafe Orleans when you don’t want to feel weighed down by your food! It also is very comforting, like a yummy home-cooked meal!

Chef’s kiss!

We were absolutely stuffed after those entrees and called it a day!

Nosh or Not

Dance on down to Cafe Orleans if:
  • You LOVE a good Monte Cristo! You can get it — much pricier — at nearby Blue Bayou as well, but this one comes with FRITES!
  • You’re a big fan of Disneyland history and want to see Walt’s old espresso machine.
  • You want a casual place with great staff and a nice view of New Orleans Square so you can people watch!
Find food elsewhere if:
  • You’re looking for somewhere quiet. Since the cafe is in the middle of the park, it can be a bit loud.
  • You’re a picky eater, as you may find the small menu limiting right now.
  • You don’t want to waste time at a sit-down restaurant, especially because Disneyland has a ton of great quick-service food options.


Cafe Orleans is such a special spot, whether you love Disney history or some really good hearty food. The servers are just wonderful, they all seemed so happy to be back at the cafe! They were very attentive and helpful when it came to our questions.

We are a bit sad that the menu is so small right now, but while it’s limited, what is available is delightful! Cafe Orleans is a great place to take a breather in the middle of your Disneyland day. The vibe is quite relaxing, especially because of the shade! We can definitely see us sitting here on a warm afternoon, watching the Mark Twain Riverboat glide by on the Rivers of America and indulging in a Monte Cristo!
The Monte Cristo shakeup is different but not necessarily bad. If you’re a devotee of the original, we suggest giving the new version a go. It’s kinda nice not fighting for the last frite in the basket! 😉 We do look forward to the day when Cafe Orleans will expand their menu again, whenever that may be! But for now, we’re thankful for what they have to offer and hope you can find something on the menu you enjoy too!

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