REVIEW: Some Classic Disneyland Treats Just Got a Colorful Makeover!

It’s hard to believe that 4th of July is just a week away — how did this year fly by so fast!


And there have been so many changes at Disneyland, from reopening to the opening of Avengers Campus to changes in health and safety guidelines to restaurant reopenings, that we’re having trouble keeping up!

But right now, we’re just going to focus on the 4th of July, and some new snacks we found at Disney California Adventure. These 3 snacks are practically singing the U.S. national anthem with their red, white, and blue!

If America were snacks!

Yes, we know, these aren’t REALLY new snacks — they’re just some classics that got a 4th of July makeover. But we have to admit, they make celebrating Independence Day a lot sweeter! There’s a 4th of July Mickey Krispie Treat with a blue and white coating in White Chocolate PLUS a cute little red White Chocolate Mickey in the center.

Mickey looks good in these colors.

It’s made from the same sweet and buttery Krispies and sticky marshmallow yumminess we expect from this treat. But we like that Disney serves these on a stick because that makes them a little less messy!

Yep, we bit the ear off first.

The Cake Pop is Chocolate Cake dipped in White Chocolate with Red, White and Blue Sprinkles. It’s very photogenic, don’t you think?

Cute Cake Pop!

Biting into it gets you into that moist Chocolate Cake that’s sure to satisfy pretty much any sweet tooth (us — we mean us). But you do need to be a chocolate fan to enjoy this because it’s very rich!


Finally, the Marshmallow Wand is coated in Caramel and White Chocolate. And those three flavors just come together in such a tasty way.

VERY patriotic

Sure, it’s a standard snack with a holiday look, but it’s still satisfying for those of us who love sweets! These combination of flavors is a win for us!

Marshmallow, caramel, AND chocolate

So yes, they’re basic snacks, but we still think they’re a lot of fun, and kids will LOVE THEM. If you don’t like super sweet snacks, though, you’ll want to skip these. We found everything at Trolley Treats in Disney California Adventure — the 4th of July Mickey Krispie Treat is $5.99, and the Cake Pop and Marshmallow Wand are $5.49 each.

We’ll keep eating all the 4th of July snacks at the parks, so stay tuned to see what else we’re reviewing!

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Are you a fan of any of these treats? What do you think of their 4th of July makeover? Let us know in the comments!

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