PHOTOS: Disney’s Latest Accessories Are a LOOK!

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There are SO many Disney souvenirs you can get in the parks these days, it can sometimes be difficult to decide which ones you really want to grab. There are ears, spirit jerseys, shoes, and lots more.

Let’s Go Shopping!

But, today we found something VERY unique over in Disneyland Park at Disney Clothiers Ltd. and these items are a LOOK.

As we were walking around Disney Clothiers today in Disneyland Park we spotted something we hadn’t really noticed before — some Disney belts! But these are not ordinary belts that will just hold up your pants or shorts (or maybe dress). NO! These belts have a GIANT belt buckle designs that will make your love for Disney truly unmistakeable the next time someone just takes a glimpse at your outfit!

WOW! It’s a Castle Belt Buckle!

There were two varieties available from what we saw. One with the Castle design on it…

Another Look at the Disneyland Castle Belt

…and another belt with the Disneyland “D” logo.

Disneyland Belt

The belts come in a variety of sizes and are generally priced at $29.99.

Quite a Few Available

The most similar thing we could find online is this Disney Signature “D” Logo Belt from BoxLunch which is priced at $29.90.


There are some other belts with large designs on them as well on the same website that you can grab.


These are pretty unique! If you love to wear belts with BIG designs on the belt buckle, then these could be just the thing for you. We could see them being pretty fun to add to a solid black dress for example where the castle belt buckle would be the statement piece. No matter how you wear or style them, if you want to grab one you can head over to Disneyland and pick one up!

We’ll keep an eye out for more unique Disney items and let you know what we find!

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What do you think of these belts? Would you wear them in Disneyland or maybe at home? Tell us in the comments!

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