Happy Thanksgiving, from Your Friends at TouringPlans

In the category of massive understatements, 2020 has been both an interesting and challenging year, especially within the theme park industry. It’s difficult to keep blog content fresh and exciting for our readers during a time when literally everything we blog about is closed. It is challenging to rework data predictions during a time when we have nothing else to compare the current world situation to. And during this time, we decided to launch our new Lines 2.0 app, which was a massive undertaking years in the making.

Without a doubt, we couldn’t have done all this without YOU — our subscribers, our readers, our fans on social media, and, ultimately, our friends. We’re so thankful that you have continued to support us during these challenging times, and we hope that we’ve been able to provide a glimmer of happiness, hope, and laughter to keep you going through days of uncertainty.

This Thanksgiving is unlike any other, but we know there are brighter days ahead. So from the bottom of our hearts, we are thankful for each and every one of you for your support and friendship this year and beyond.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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