Create an ‘Emperor’s New Groove’ Llama Potion Water Bottle With a Disney DIY!

runDisney’s Virtual Wine and Dine Weekend is less than a week away!


Just in time for the virtual event, runDisney Blog released an Emperor’s New Groove-inspired DIY project that is perfect to get you ready (and hydrated) before your 5k event!

Don’t worry, there isn’t any poison in this bottle, and I don’t think it’s a transformative llama potion, either.


If you’re looking for something to get you in the spirit prior to the virtual 5k race themed after the less-villainous and more lovable Kronk and Ezma, you should definitely try out this water bottle DIY.


For this wickedly cute DIY, you will need:

  • A craft cutter
  • A 12″x12″ cutting mat
  • White permanent vinyl
  • Transfer tape
  • Weeding tools
  • A pink water bottle
  • The llama image found here. 


Now for the instructions!

  • Measure your water bottle so you know how big to make the design
  • Scale the design to a size good for your bottle
  • Use the craft cutter to cut out the design
  • Remove the extra vinyl around and inside the design


  • Put the transfer tape over the vinyl design, and make sure the tape sticks to the vinyl
  • Peel the vinyl off of the backing so all that is left is the vinyl design on the transfer tape
  • Place the transfer tape on to the water bottle, ensuring your design is in the right spot
  • Press the vinyl on to the water bottle
  • Remove the transfer tape!


Happy crafting and happy running!

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