NEWS: Universal Orlando No Longer Distancing Between Rows On Select Rides

We saw a lot of changes when Florida’s theme parks reopened, including many at Walt Disney World and Universal Studios Florida.

Camp Jurassic at Universal Studios Florida

Many of these changes involved social distancing: not just in the parks, but also on the rides. Since reopening, theme park attractions have been seating guests in every other row.

However, Universal Studios Florida just recently announced a change to that policy. When a guest asked Universal about it via Twitter, Universal confirmed that it had gone back to seating guests in every row on certain attractions. The park states that it has discussed this new policy with local health officials.

So far, this only seems to be for The Incredible Hulk Coaster and Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit. It’s likely in response to Universal’s recent high crowd levels, particularly over the Labor Day weekend. Disney World also had high crowd levels that weekend.

Previously, separate parties were loaded on every other row to keep groups of guests separated when riding on attractions. That now no longer seems to be the case at Universal in every situation.

However, guests are still encouraged to maintain social distancing, required to wear face masks (except in certain uRest areas), and must undergo temperature checks.

Splash Mountain line at Magic Kingdom

It’s not clear if Disney World will follow and implement this kind of change at its parks anytime soon, but for now, Disney World is still maintaining distancing on attractions.

We’ll keep an eye on the news for any other changes that Universal or Disney might make in their parks, so stay tuned!

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