88% of Our Readers Got This Disney Trivia Question WRONG! Do You Know The Answer?

If you’ve been checking in on our Instagram stories lately, you may notice that we’ve thrown in a few trivia questions to test your Disney World knowledge!

Hi, Mickey!

Some of these questions may be easier than others, and we’ll admit we’ve thrown one or two trick questions in there to see who knows their Disney facts. A recent question REALLY stumped our readers, as a whopping 88% of you got the answer WRONG!

We asked our readers which of the four Disney World theme parks is the smallest. The options were, of course, Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Entering Walt Disney World Resort

And the correct answer…is Magic Kingdom!

Magic Kingdom

We know, it doesn’t make sense, but it’s true! Magic Kingdom is indeed the SMALLEST of the four Disney World theme parks. And only 12% of readers who responded guessed correctly!

Only 12% of our readers who responded answered CORRECTLY!

Disney has confirmed that at 107 acres, Magic Kingdom is in fact smaller than the other parks. Disney’s Hollywood Studios is the second smallest park at 135 acres.

Magic Kingdom

If we’re including backstage areas, Disney’s Animal Kingdom is BY FAR the largest of the four parks, reaching a whopping 580 acres according to Orange County Register. A good chunk of land is dedicated to the animals. The Wildlife Reserve that guests see on Kilimanjaro Safari is 110 acres just by itself!

Kilamanjaro Safari

This is not to say that there’s less things to do in Magic Kingdom! There is certainly NO shortage of rides and attractions, dining, shopping, and gazing at all the spectacular sights! It’s pretty impressive how much Disney World is able to cram into their smallest theme park!

Magic Kingdom Entrance

This “tiny” park is about to go under a series of seasonal transformations, with fall decor arriving next week and the holiday season officially kicking off on November 6! Not to mention all of the changes we’ve already seen since this park first reopened for Cast Members on July 7, including new character cavalcades, a stunning transformation of Cinderella Castle, and of course, the return of our beloved Corn Dog Nuggets.

Mickey and Friends Character Cavalcade

Needless to say, Magic Kingdom may be “small,” but we would argue there’s more to see and do here than any other park! Be sure to follow along on Instagram for more fun trivia!

Click here to learn more about some of the Halloween festivities coming to Magic Kingdom and the rest of Disney World!

Disney Park Reopening Details and Info

Did you guess our trivia question correctly? Let us know in the comments!

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