What’s New in Downtown Disney: Confetti Minnie Ears, Retro Disneyland Hotel Merchandise, and More ‘Up’ Stuff!

We’re back at Downtown Disney!

Downtown Disney

The last time we were here, we spotted a bunch of new character and attraction face masks, water bottles, and Disneyland 65th anniversary stuff! Now we’re scouring Downtown Disney for more updates!

Downtown Disney Construction Update

Inside Disneyland Park, work continues around The Emporium on Main Street, U.S.A. which is barely visible from outside the park gates!

Disneyland Construction

The scaffolding appears to surround most of the building and since there are no guests present, the work is not being hidden beneath a decorative scrim.

Click here to see more photos of the construction we spotted at Disneyland yesterday!

We’re not totally sure what they’re doing to The Emporium, but we’ll continue to scope out the scene and report back to you with our findings!

Downtown Disney Food Update


The smaller of the two Starbucks located near the LEGO Store unexpectedly closed a few days ago and was still closed as of yesterday.


We’ll let you know when the location reopened again!

Click here to learn more about Starbuck’s recent shutdown.

Downtown Disney Merchandise Update

World of Disney

A bunch of our favorite merch from Disney World has finally made its way to Disneyland! We were thrilled to see the Confetti Minnie ears are now in stock for $29.99!

Confetti Minnie Ears

These sequined ears so SUPER glittery and we love how each plastic bubble is filled with sparkly pieces of Mickey and star-shaped rainbow confetti — hence the name!

See where else we spotted the new Confetti Minnie ears HERE!

The Wild & Free Kevin Up tee was also free-roaming. This adult-size shirt costs $36.99.

Kevin Tee

We’d also already met and fallen in love with this adult-sized Dug Up tee at Disney World for $36.99 which is now available here!

Dug Tee

We’re not sure why there’s been such a flood of Up-themed merch recently, but who cares! We’re totally HERE for it!

Adventure is out there! Click here to see the rest of the Up merchandise we’ve spotted recently at Disney World!

Check out this E-ticket hat we spotted! It’s got a similar design to the E-ticket hat we discovered in Disney World a few days ago! We love its cool, retro design!

E-ticket Hat

You can pick up this Disneyland version of the E-ticket hat for $27.99!

Find out more info on Disneyland’s E-ticket hat here!

Can’t pick a favorite Disney park? Then you’ll want to pick up this new Disney park tumbler for $22.99! It features designs from Disneyland AND Disney World attractions and theme parks!

Disney Parks Tumbler

We love Disneyland and Disney World, so this tumbler is perfect for us!

See more pics of the new Disney parks tumbler here!

Hot summer days will be coming to an end soon, but there’s still plenty of time to enjoy wearing this new Mickey and Minnie tank top for $34.99!

Mickey and Minnie Tank

They had both a light gray and darker gray version in stock at World of Disney and they’re also available online!

Click here to see the other Mickey and Minnie tank top!

The Happiest Stay on Earth” is also available at World of Disney. We totally dig the vintage style of this line which includes this Disneyland Hotel mug for $14.99 as well as a beach towel, trinket dish, and ladies’ sweatshirt!

Disneyland Hotel Mug

Even if you haven’t stayed at the Disneyland Hotel before, we think you’ll get a kick out of this kitschy-cool stuff!

Check out the rest of the “Happiest Stay on Earth” collection here!

Heading back to school soon? Hopefully not without this new Monsters University beach towel for $26.99!

Monsters University Beach Towel

This Sleeping Beauty Castle candy dish for $19.99 will be sweet dreams for your sweet tooth!

Sleeping Beauty Dish

Remember those reversible character shirts for kids we’d previously seen at Disney World? We spotted them in Disneyland today! Each one costs $24.99 and you get two character tees for the price of one! Here are the youth-size Ducky and Bunny shirt!

Ducky and Bunny Reversible Youth Tee

Or if Moana is your kid’s favorite Disney flick, check out this Hei Hei and Pua combo!

Hei Hei and Pua Reversible Youth Tee

This Mikey and Sulley shirt is also a scream!

Mikey and Sulley Reversible Youth Tee

And last but not least, check out this Darth Vader and Stormtrooper tee

Darth Vader and Stormtrooper Reversible Youth Tee

The Dress Shop

On our last stop, we swung by one of our favorite stores in Downtown Disney and spied this new Minnie Mouse dress for $128!

Minnie Mouse Dress

If you dig the dots, you should definitely pick this black & white beauty up!

See more pics of the gorgeous Minnie Mouse dress here!

Well, friends! That’s a wrap for this installment of What’s New at Downtown Disney! We’ll be back with more updates for ya soon, but until then, you can catch up with all your fishy friends with this ride through video of The Little Mermaid: Ariel’s Undersea Adventure here!

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When was your last visit to Disneyland? Let us know in the comments below!