We’re Losing Our Heads Over The Unexpected Haunted Mansion Shirt We Found in Disney World!

We hope our families and significant others love us for richer or poorer because we may or may not be spending buckets of money on new Haunted Mansion merchandise!

Haunted Mansion Loungefly Bags

Minnie ears, Crocs, dresses — we’re basically turning into one of the Happy Haunts! For those who love the original mansion out in Disneyland Park in California, we’ve spotted a special treat for you at a spot in Disney Springs!

The Haunted Mansion originally opened in Disneyland Park in California on August 9, 1969. Last year, the Mansion celebrated its 50th anniversary as the ghostly home to many frightening figures.


One of the spookiest residents in Disneyland’s version of the Mansion is Hatbox Ghost, whose head mysteriously disappears from under his hat and reappears in his hatbox! He does not materialize, however, in Disney World’s Haunted Mansion. But you can spot nodes to him in a few places.

Hatbox Ghost

Last year, lots of spooktacular 50th-anniversary merchandise debuted in Disneyland and some of it even made its way to Disney World. Well, now you can celebrate the Haunted Mansion’s 50th Anniversary and the Hatbox Ghost with this fantastic Haunted Mansion Anniversary shirt that has materialized in Disney World. It looks like the Hatbox Ghost is truly doing his best to spook any unwanted visitors!

Haunted Mansion Shirt

A small part of the Haunted Mansion wallpaper also appears in the upper corner of this shirt with the “Aug 1969” date and the number “50,” commemorating the Mansion’s 50th anniversary.

Haunted Mansion Shirt

We really weren’t expecting to see this tee at Disney World, but hey, nothing shocks us too much anymore. Just last week, we found a random Disneyland tee in Disney World as well.

We found this shirt at the WonderGround Gallery shop inside of Marketplace Co-Op in Disney Springs. It was available there for $29.99. While the anniversary was some time ago, it’s always nice to see merchandise from other parks make their way over to Disney World. It seems like new Haunted Mansion merchandise is materializing daily, so we’ll let you know what other fantastic finds we uncover!

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