These NEW Haunted Mansion CROCS in Disney World Are to DIE FOR!

Can you ever have too much Haunted Mansion merchandise? We don’t think so!

Haunted Mansion

All kinds of new Haunted Mansion items have been materializing lately, like the new Haunted Mansion face mask and lots of other exciting Haunted Mansion merchandise!

Haunted Mansion Mask

But THIS newest development might take the proverbial cake.

Today, thanks to our Instagram follower @hatboxproductions, we got a peek at some Haunted Mansion Crocs!! These beauties feature the classic purple Haunted Mansion wallpaper design all over them, with a Haunted Mansion logo popping out on the sides!

Haunted Mansion Cros! @hatboxproductions

We like that they’ve left some dead space in the shoes in the form of those Mickey holes!

These shoes were spotted at Momento Mori shop near the Haunted Mansion at the Magic Kingdom, so you’ll want to hurry back there to check them out.

Thanks again to our instagram follower @hatboxproductions for giving us a peek at these Crocs! We can’t wait to pair these babies with our Haunted Mansion funko pop, ears, and dress! We’re ready to spook our way through the day!

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Will these Haunted Mansion crocs (and a ghost, presumably) follow you home? Let us know if they’re a must-get for you in the comments below!