The ULTIMATE Disney World Reopening Video Playlist

Planning an upcoming trip to Disney World? Contemplating whether you should go to Disney World at all this year? Let DFB help!

Magic Kingdom

Check out these eleven DFB videos as we share with you the ultimate Disney World reopening playlist!

Deciding Whether or Not to Go

A lot of thought and planning goes into ANY Disney World trip, and that is especially true in 2020! The first MAJOR step is to decide if it’s worth it to go to Disney World this year. There are MANY more factors to consider than ever before, so we’ve compiled a couple of videos to watch before you make the decision that’s best for your family.

Is It Even Worth It To Go To Disney World This Year?

There’s no denying that now more than ever, you need to weigh the pros and cons when it comes to visiting Disney World in 2020. From the new Park Pass Reservation System to the modified character experiences, there’s a lot to consider when deciding whether you even want to go in the first place!

6 HARD Questions About Disney World’s Reopening, And How YOU Answered Them!

Back before the theme parks reopened, we asked a series of questions outlining topics such as feeling safe enough to visit Disney World as well as what will be different about the theme parks! While some of these questions have been answered by Disney themselves since this video first came out, it’s SUPER useful to see what other readers and viewers have been thinking about when it comes to deciding whether or not to travel.

Tips & Tricks Videos

So, you’ve decided to go ahead and book a Disney World vacation for 2020! There are tons of NEW tips and tricks to navigating the reopened theme parks, so we’ve supplied you with all the important information you need!

8 Things You Need To Be Prepared For In Disney World!

It goes without saying that there are some pretty MAJOR changes you will experience now from when you’ve frequented Disney World in the past. This video outlines some of those things you need to be prepared for, like the inability to park hop and the NEW Boarding Group distribution system for Rise of the Resistance in Dinsey’s Hollywood Studios.

BEST OF THE FEST — Here’s What to Eat in EPCOT Right Now!

Planning on hitting up this year’s EPCOT International Food and Wine Festival? It’s pretty different than years past! This year’s festival is smaller but MUCH longer and combines elements of not just Food and Wine, but EPCOT’s Flower and Garden Festival as well. So even if you’re a Food and Wine pro, you’ll need to check this video out before you go (and study up our top food and beverage picks)!

What You Need to Know Before Going to Disney World Right Now!

Since their grand reopening, we’ve been visiting all four theme parks and compiling our top tips for having a successful Disney World vacation! We have the scoop when it comes to picking the right face mask as well as having a COMPLETELY different rope drop experience.

10 Tips for Wearing a Mask in Disney World!

One of the biggest adjustments we will all experience while visiting Disney World in 2020 is the required face mask policy! We’ve spent WEEKS in the parks in face masks, so we’ve learned a thing or two. And we’ve spent TONS of time researching the best face masks for both adults and kiddos, as well as explaining exactly what the policies are concerning face masks, what kinds of face masks are not allowed, and what to know when it comes to dining on the go.

The Totally Different Tips You Need for Visiting Disney World NOW!

Last year, we would normally share tips about the best Advance Dining Reservations to get 180 days out, which FastPass+ reservations you’ll want to make, and our top picks for your Disney Dining Plan credits! These days, the BEST tips you’ll need now are more along the lines of packing the NEW park essentials, keeping your phone charged for new services like Mobile Dine Check-In, and more!

First Look Videos

Now that you’re an expert when it comes to planning a 2020 Disney World vacation, you’ll want to take a look at what the parks and resorts actually LOOK like! While much has remained the same, there are also some pretty noticeable differences since everything has reopened.

Disney Springs Is OPEN! See What a Reopened Disney World Looks Like!

Disney Springs was the first component in Disney World to officially reopen to Guests, WAY back in May! We were there on opening day to see the first phase of those new health and safety procedures being implemented, as well as get our first look at what dining and shopping at Disney World is like!

SEE the BIG CHANGES at the REOPENED Disney World Hotels!

The next phased reopening included several of the Disney World Resort hotels! As Disney started to welcome back overnight guests, we stayed in several Disney World resorts to see what was WILDLY different, like the restrictions on resort hopping, resort pool procedures, and a first look at the rooms themselves!

Walt Disney World is OPEN!!

The official grand reopening of the Disney World theme parks arrived with the opening of Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom on July 11! As we visited the Annual Passholder previews for both parks, we learned a TON of useful information when it comes to those Relaxation Stations, what it’s like to go on a ride these days, and experiencing that INSANE line to shop at the Splash Mountain gift shop!

We’re BACK at EPCOT & Hollywood Studios!

Last but certainly not least, we got a first look at EPCOT and Disney’s Hollywood Studios when they reopened on July 15! Needless to say, experiencing these two parks was VERY different (especially Hollywood Studios!). And of course, our first look of EPCOT included a first look at this year’s Food and Wine Festival!

We hope these videos are helpful when planning your 2020 Disney World vacation! Whether you are deciding if it’s worth it to go this year or you are finalizing the details of your upcoming trip, planning a Disney World vacation has drastically changed from years past! Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel as we continue to provide MORE useful tips and tricks to navigating a reopened Disney World, should you choose to visit.

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