It’s a Blast from the Past! Take a Look at the New E-Ticket Hat We Spotted at Downtown Disney!

Ah, Disneyland! We sure do miss a stroll towards Sleeping Beauty Castle.

Sleeping Beauty Castle

Though the Disneyland parks remain closed, Downtown Disney is OPEN and we’ve been spending some time checking out the latest merch. We’ve spotted a TON of cute stuff like the new Minnie Dress and the Disney Parks Tumbler — but this latest find might be our favorite. Trust us, you’re gonna like this one.

Take a look at the all-new Disneyland E-ticket Hat! This just might be the PERFECT Disneyland souvenir. You get to pay homage to the more vintage aspects of the parks through a super wearable accessory.

E-ticket Hat

We saw a similar hat in Disney World. When you get closer, you’ll notice that the design looks just like one of the OG Disneyland ticket books — even if it is missing e-tickets! Hey, those ARE the first to go if you’re looking for the super fun attractions.

E-ticket Hat

You can snag the E-ticket Hat for yourself RIGHT NOW at World of Disney in Downtown Disney for $27.99. What a blast from the past!

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