Heads Up, Skippers! This NEW Jungle Cruise Hat in Disney World is Going FAST

If you’re searching high and low for the perfect hat to protect yourself from the elements during your next trek through Adventureland

Jungle Cruise sign in Magic Kingdom

… we think we found the perfect topper! Just get a gander at this new Jungle Cruise hat we found in Disney World’s Magic Kingdom today!

At first glance, the wide-brimmed hat features a nod to both the Jungle Cruise attraction itself and the ride’s entrance as seen in Disneyland.

Jungle Cruise Hat

And with a twist, one of the river’s representatives is ready to greet you from the back.

Jungle Cruise Hat

But it’s a peek under the brim that reveals the true hidden treasures here! Iconic scenes from the attraction — along with plenty of the signature punny humor of the Jungle Cruise Skippers — complete the design!

Jungle Cruise Hat

It’s an adventure all its own just to find your favorite Jungle Cruise joke!

You’ll find tons of the quotable classic gags: “We are now entering the Nile River. And if you don’t believe me…” (c’mon, say it with me!) “You’re in de-nial!”

Jungle Cruise Hat

And you can also use this hat to remember some sage Skipper advice, too: “Never get into an argument with a rhino! He’ll always get his point across… in the end!”

We found this fabulous adult-sized hat at Plaza del Sol Caribe Bazaar (also known as the Pirates of the Caribbean gift shop) in Adventureland for $39.99, and a cast member predicted it would sell out quickly. So act fast, because the new Jungle Cruise hat will likely be gone faster than you can say “THE BACKSIDE OF WATER!”

Until next time, HATS OFF to you, our fellow adventurers! We’ll see you back here in Magic Kingdom soon!

Would you like to pick up the new Jungle Cruise hat? Please let us know with a comment!