We Just Met Our Match for the BIGGEST Chicken Nugget Fan at Disney World — and He’s a Bit… Furrier Than You Might Expect

Two of Walt Disney World’s theme parks have officially reopened, and, we’ve been on the ground at Magic Kingdom and Disney’s Animal Kingdom to check out all that’s new and different in the parks.


While riding Haunted Mansion and waving to your favorite characters is all well and good, we’ve been pretty stoked to snack on our favorite treats again in the parks. But, we have to be honest — although you know we love our Disney eats, we may have just spotted a new BFF that is more devoted to Disney chicken nuggets than we are!

While we were making our way through Magic Kingdom, we just happened to stumble across a sight that might actually feel rather familiar to anyone who’s ever dealt with a snack attack at the parks! This little squirrel was snacking away on a Disney chicken nugget like it was the best thing he’s ever had (same).

Our New BFF, Art the Squirrel

We’ve basically already hired him to become the latest member of the DFB team and named him Art the Squirrel after Chef Art Smith, the fried chicken king himself over at Homecomin’! The Disney ducks are QUAKING (er, quacking?) in their feathers at getting some competition for our love.

He’s Really Going to Town on the Chicken Nugget

But, perhaps the best part of our encounter with Art the Squirrel was that he decided the best position to eat a Disney chicken nugget was sprawled out on a rock (which was the equivalent of eating in bed, tbh). He really understands us on a deeper level.

We Stan an Icon

Welcome to the team, Art! Maybe he’ll give us a full review on that chicken nugget we can share with you guys soon! ;D

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On the scale of one to Art, how much do you love Disney chicken nuggets? Let us know in the comments below!