We Already Have 999 Disney World Christmas Stockings But There’s Room For 1 More!

We’ve been running around Magic Kingdom checking out everything new the park has to offer since it re-opened!

Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe Stockings

Earlier, we spotted a ton of new stockings and Christmas merch in Disney Springs. But recently, we stopped into Ye Old Christmas Shoppe to see if they added anything new. On our way in we spotted something spooky. A brand new Haunted Mansion stocking!

Call in the spirits wherever they are at! This stocking features our favorite happy haunt, Madame Leota. (You know, the woman who’s head is inside a crystal ball on The Haunted Mansion?!) The stocking is modeled after her tombstone that you see on the way into Haunted Mansion. Don’t worry, her eyes won’t follow you here!

Haunted Mansion Stocking

Confused by how to stuff your ghoulish Christmas stocking? We were too. Turns out, there’s a big pocket in the back! The stocking costs $29.99.

Haunted Mansion Stocking

We’ll be hurrying back to grab a stocking of our own. But, consider this chilling challenge — to grab one before they’re out of stock! Will you be buying this stocking? Give us a hint while ringing the bell!

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