Hold Up — Disney Just Released a NEW Baby Yoda Shoulder Plush and We’re OBSESSED!

Yesterday we were going gaga over this new Baby Yoda Outfit we found at Magic Kingdom! THIS IS THE WAY to dress your kid up as The Child from Disney+’s The Mandalorian!

Baby Yoda Costume

And while yesterday we also spotted a new Bruni Shoulder Plush from Frozen 2 to add to our Mushu and Pascal shoulder plush crew, it looks like Disney has just released a new Baby Yoda Shoulder Plush too!

Get a load of this adorable small fry! We can’t wait to eat some Chicken Nuggies with this incredible Baby Yoda Shoulder Plush!



It looks just like a tiny version of the Baby Yoda Plush that’s been hard-to-find ’cause it keeps selling out!

Click here to buy the Baby Yoda Shoulder Plush on shopDisney!

The new Baby Yoda Shoulder Plush is so SMOL and sweet! We love all the little details they’ve put into making his features and outfit look just like the adorable Baby Yoda we can never get enough of.


And we think Baby Yoda is going to have a lot of fun being our new wingman! His facial expression already looks quite bemused!


Plus, we’re definitely putting this Baby Yoda Shoulder Plush on our back-to-school supplies shopping list for the kiddos!


But why not take the Baby Yoda Shoulder Plush to the office with you? We bet your co-workers will get a kick out of your new BFF!


The Baby Yoda Shoulder Plush is now available on shopDisney for $19.99, so adopt your new pal today! And to see the new Talking Baby Yoda Doll we found at EPCOT recently, click here!

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What do you think of the new Baby Yoda Shoulder Plush? Let us know if you’ll be picking one up in the comments below!