Wait a Sec — Did Disney World Just Extend the Expiration Dates On 4-Park Magic Tickets?!?

Okay, we know there’s been a lot of information whizzing by us lately as Disney World’s theme parks are gearing up to reopen, and we’ve been doing our best to keep a good grip on the latest news as we answer all of your questions!

Disney World

But we were REALLY surprised when one of our readers reached out to us with THIS intriguing bit of information!

It seems when our reader, Paje, logged in to check on her 4-Park Magic Tickets (which allows guests to visit four parks in four days) she noticed they’d been magically updated! Previously, these tickets had an expiration date of September 30th, 2020. But as you can see — her tickets now say they’re valid through September 26th, 2021!

Screenshot Sent to Us by @payyyyge on Instagram

While we can’t confirm if this is the case for everybody or not (so far, Disney hasn’t spoken out on it), you may want to check your tickets and see if they’ve been assigned a new expiration date! Let us know what you discover!

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Did your 4-Park Magic Tickets get extended? Let us know in the comments below!