NEW Rainbow Minnie Ear Alert! Check Out Disney’s Latest Rainbow Collection Online and in Disney World!

Happy first day of June, everybody! It sure feels like summertime this morning as we’re walking around Disney Springs today!

Rainbow Minnie Ears at World of Disney

And not only is June the beginning of summer, but it’s also Pride Month. To celebrate, Disney has just released a bunch of new rainbow merchandise at World of Disney in Disney Springs as well as online! Let’s go check it OUT!

Found at World of Disney in Disney Springs

First up, we’re sayin’ “hiya pal!” to this new Rainbow Mickey Mouse Plush for $24.99!

Mickey Plush at World of Disney

Click here to buy the Rainbow Mickey Plush!

The Rainbow Minnie Plush for $24.99 is seriously too CUTE! We love how her polka dots compliments all the rainbow stripes so nicely!

Minnie Plush at World of Disney

Purchase the Rainbow Minnie Plush here!

We love the chic look of this Rainbow Crop Top for $36.99 — which also has rainbow accents on its sleeves! We spotted this one at World of Disney as well as online!

Love Rainbow Tee

Click here to buy the Rainbow Crop Top!

After a long day in the pool, you can dry off with this new Rainbow Beach Towel for $22.99!

Disney Towels

Purchase the Rainbow Beach Towel here!

Can Be Purchased Online!

We’re obsessed with these new Rainbow Mickey Ears for $27.99! They’re so vibrant and SPARKLY! You can never have too much glitter! 

Rainbow Mickey Ears ©Disney

Although we didn’t spot these at World of Disney, (or lots of the other Pride Month merch we’ve spotted online) they did have lots of Minnie Rainbow Ears from last year in stock!

Rainbow Minnie Ears

Click here to buy the new Rainbow Mickey Ears!

Plus we love how they’re embroidered on the side with one of our favorite words, “LOVE!”

Rainbow Mickey Ears ©Disney

For pin collectors, we spotted this adorable Rainbow Disney World Pin online for $9.99...

Rainbow Disney World Pin ©Disney

Click here to buy the Rainbow Disney World Pin!

…as well as this Rainbow Disneyland Pin, which also costs $9.99!

Disneyland Pin ©Disney

Buy the Rainbow Disneyland Pin here!

We’re truly infatuated with this new Rainbow Castle Ornament for $24.99. Christmas might be a long way off, but we can’t wait to hang this one on our tree!

Rainbow Castle Ornament ©Disney

Buy the Rainbow Castle Ornament here!

This Disneyland Ringer Tee for $29.99 is putting off some retro rainbow vibes!

Disneyland Ringer Tee ©Disney

Get your Disneyland Ringer Tee here!

As is this version — here’s the Disney World Ringer Tee for $29.99!

Disney World Ringer Tee ©Disney

Purchase the Disney World Ringer Tee here!

We also discovered this new Rainbow Mickey Tee For Men for $36.99…

Rainbow Mickey Tee for Men ©Disney

Click here to buy the Rainbow Mickey Tee for Men!

…as well as this matching style, the Rainbow Mickey Tee For Women for $36.99!

Rainbow Mickey Tee for Women ©Disney

Purchase the Rainbow Mickey Tee for Women here!

There’s even an adorable Rainbow Mickey Onesie for $14.99!

Rainbow Mickey Onesie ©Disney

Purchase the Rainbow Mickey Onesie here!

And we can’t wait to rock these Rainbow Sunglasses for $19.99 at our next backyard BBQ!

Rainbow Sunglasses ©Disney

Buy the Rainbow Sunglasses here!

Of course, we’ll also be sipping on some refreshments from our Rainbow Mickey Sipper for $19.99! 

Rainbow Mickey Sipper ©Disney

Buy the Rainbow Mickey Sipper here!

And while we’ve seen this Rainbow Mickey Loungefly Backpack for $54.99 debut last year, it’s back in stock online!

Loungefly Mickey Backpack

Click here to buy the Rainbow Mickey Loungefly Backpack!

When the sun goes down, it’s time to light up the night with this awesome Light-Up Mickey Necklace for $15.96!

Light-Up Mickey Necklace ©Disney

Buy the Light-Up Mickey Necklace here!

This new Rainbow Sequin Tank Top is also giving us big heart eyes! The price on this one ranges from $26.99 – $28.99 depending on which size you get!

Sequin Rainbow Tank Top ©Disney

Purchase the Rainbow Sequin Tank Top here!

We can’t wait to splash around in some puddles with this adorable Rainbow Rain Jacket for $54.99! It even has some of our favorite snacks on it!

Rainbow Rain Jacket ©Disney

Click here to buy the Rainbow Rain Jacket!

Check out this sweet new pin collection in honor of Pride Month! This Rainbow Pin Set costs $32.99!

Rainbow Pin Set ©Disney

Buy the Rainbow Pin Set here!

How amazing is this new Rainbow Short-Sleeve Spirit Jersey! We love all the little hidden Mickeys it has! Pick this one up for $64.99 – $69.99, depending on size!

Rainbow Short-Sleeved Spirit Jersey ©Disney

Purchase the Rainbow Short-Sleeved Spirit Jersey here!

And last but not least, we heart this Red Rainbow Sweatshirt BIG TIME! This one ranges from $39.99 – $42.99!

Red Rainbow Sweatshirt ©Disney

Click here to buy the Red Rainbow Sweatshirt!

We’ll keep an eye out for the rest of the collection at World of Disney.

But for now, if you’re still looking for a quick rainbow fix, check out the recent transaction we made at the Sprinkles Cupcake ATM last week here!

Are you excited about this year’s Pride Month collection? Let us know if you’ll be picking up some of these new items in the comments below!