Is My Mask Going to Fly Off?! Here’s What You Need to Know About Wearing Masks on Universal Orlando Rides!!

Universal Orlando is now OPEN for a special Annual Passholder preview, (and we’re ready to drink all the Butterbeer we can get our hands on)!


While we’ve been taking you to some of Universal’s newly reopened hotels, as well as showing you how the new virtual lines works, we’ve received a lot of questions from you guys about what it’s like to wear face coverings while riding attractions!

Does wearing a mask detract from the thrill of riding Univeral’s attractions? We’re here to tell you everything you need to know about wearing a mask at the theme parks — including a few tips and tricks we’ve picked up from some of the rides we’ve been on today!

Universal Studios

Universal Orlando announced that it would be taking necessary health and safety precautions for guests to visit the parks. While they will have temperature screenings and physical distancing, the parks will also be requiring masks for both guests and employees.

Health Signage

This means that everyone will need to wear masks at all times, except when they are eating, drinking, swimming, or visiting one of Universal’s new U-Rest Areas. Guests are required to provide their own face masks. We’ve also seen Universal’s shops are selling additional face coverings throughout CityWalk and the theme parks.


Guests without face coverings will be turned away at the gate. Universal MIGHT be able to provide guests with face masks if they forget to bring one, but since this isn’t a guarantee, we think it’s best NOT to chance it!

Learn more about the first day of CityWalk’s phased reopening here!

How Weird Does It Feel To Wear Face Masks on Rides?

Believe it or not, it didn’t feel that strange to us! Since we’re used to wearing masks when we leave the house now (and seeing others wearing masks in our everyday lives), it feels more surreal to actually be sitting down on our favorite attractions again than it does to be wearing a mask!

Universal Studios

Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts along with Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure were still super fun — even while wearing a face-covering! We didn’t think it took anything away from our enjoyment of these experiences!

Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure

Similarly, we were expecting our mask to blow off on faster roller coasters like The Incredible Hulk Coaster, but to our surprise, the speed of the ride kept our mask in place with no issue!

On a water ride like Jurassic Park River Adventure, after our entire car was seated (with rows left empty between guests), we were permitted to take our masks off.

Jurassic Park River Adventure

We’ll keep updating this post as we ride more attractions so you can see how our masks survived on various rides!

Tips and Tricks

And now for a few quick lessons we’ve learned along the way!

  • On 3D attractions where you’re given special goggles, we recommend placing them over your mask to prevent them from fogging up.
  • We’ve been wearing face coverings with elastic ties that wrap around our ears which have stayed in place during the rides we’ve experienced!
  • Bring a back-up face mask or two for everyone in your family in case your mask gets wet. Even if the forecast doesn’t call for rain, we’ve noticed the misting features on several rides (like the Incredible Hulk Coaster and Escape From Gringotts) are still working.

Queue for Hogwarts Express

We’ll be back soon with more face mask ride reviews for you — so sit tight while we check out some more rides!

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