Hold Up…There’s CHICKEN NUGGET SUSHI in Disney World?!

Obviously, Disney has some pretty amazing food options for kids.

Kona Cafe

We know you’ve seen the iconic Mickey Premium Bar and the Corn Dog Nuggets at Casey’s Corner in Magic Kingdom. But what if we told you there’s a TOTALLY adorable kids’ option that you’ve never heard of! Well we’re headed to the hidden gem of Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort, Kona Cafe, to let you in on this AMAZING kids’ meal.

Without further ado, prepare your eyes to fall in love with the undeniably cute Kids’ Sushi from the lunch and dinner menus at Kona Cafe. Yes, you are seeing a Mickey Sushi, and no, we don’t know why you’re not already making plans to order this! 😉

Kids’ Sushi

The Kids’ Sushi is an option for the Kids’ Create Your Own offering at Kona Cafe. The five included rolls are a Cucumber-wrapped Crab Roll, a Chicken Nugget Roll (YESS!), a Shrimp Tempura Roll, a Cucumber Roll, and a piece of Mickey Sushi! The Mickey Sushi is made with beet-dyed rice and seaweed to get that iconic Mickey head in there (don’t worry, it should just taste like rice!).

Kids’ Sushi

If you’ve got a little who’s been wanting to try sushi, you might want to head over to Kona. This is a great intro to the world of sushi without being too overwhelming with new flavors. Also, again, it’s literally SO CUTE.

Included in the price of the meal are a choice of two sides (Green Beans, Yogurt with Strawberries, or Fruit Salad) and a choice of beverage (Milk, Bottled Water, or Apple Juice).

Kids’ Sushi

An order of the Kids’ Sushi will run you $10 and it’s plenty of food for a little diner. And don’t think only kids can get in on this awesomeness — adults can typically order off the kids’ menu with no problem, but when in doubt — ask your server! So, what are you waiting for? Head on over to Kona Cafe and introduce your kid (or you!) to the wonderful world of sushi. (P.S. — HOW have we never thought of Chicken Nugget Sushi before?!)

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