What’s New in Disney Springs: Retro Hats, Boozy Snacks, Sequin and Pineapple Backpacks!

Welcome back, friends! We’re back in Disney Springs to see what’s new!

Disney Springs

And, we’ve got plenty of food, merchandise, construction, and entertainment updates to share with you, so let’s get to it!

Disney Springs Merchandise Update

World of Disney

We’re back at the World of Disney, buuut there wasn’t too much of a wait (WIN for us!!).

World of Disney

Although we’ve already seen the Pineapple Loungefly Backpack on shopDisney, it washed up on shore at World of Disney!

Pineapple Loungefly Backpack

While they sold out earlier this week, they are back in stock for $75 (so you can take a bit of the tropics home with you!).

Pineapple Loungefly Backpack

Click here to pick up the Mickey Mouse Pineapple Mini Backpack by Loungefly!

We’re totally in to retro merchandise and combining things from the past with our new looks today! And, we are LOVING the new line of Disney Retro Hats!

Retro Logo Hat

While you can spot different logos from throughout the years (we still have shirts with this character logo!!)…

Disney Retro Character Logo Hat

…you can also get a denim hat with the mouse who started it all! Oh, Disney — how we love you.

Mickey Retro Hat

Travel back to the 90’s and look at the Disney Retro Hats here!

Let’s paint it red, folks!! We spotted the Red Minnie Mouse Loungefly Backpack (and it’s going to make all of our park outfits mega cute).

Minnie Mouse Loungefly

While the backpack may not be new in general, it is new to the store for $80!

Minnie Mouse Loungefly

Take a look at the sequined Red Minnie Loungefly Backpack here!

We’re wishing for this book we love!! The Snow White Journal is back in stock in the World of Disney and we couldn’t be happier to live out our Disney Princess dreams!

Snow White Journal

While there are SO many gorgeous details around the outside, we are also very curious to see what happily ever after you write for yourself on the inside.

Snow White Journal

Dream big, friends!

Check out all the stunning details on the Snow White Journal here!

Marketplace Co-Op

Disney Springs has been using virtual queues to control traffic in stores and promote distancing. On our recent visit, we were put in a virtual queue at the Marketplace Co-Op.

Marketplace Co-Op Virtual Queue

But, we were called within only a few minutes!

Learn more about the virtual queues in Disney Springs here!


Stance has reopened in Disney Springs with a new limited capacity of only 15 people.


While they haven’t received anything new yet, you can still pick up some classics in the store, like the Star Wars Stance Socks!!

Star Wars Stance Socks

AND they were running a 20% off sale on their box sets!

Take a look inside Stance’s re-opening here!

Under Armour

Under Armour also reopened in Disney Springs so guests can grab some comfy leggings to wear when Disney World opens back up!

Under Armour

The store actually hit capacity at one point — possibly because it was giving away $10 coupons for guests to use while they were visiting!

Under Armour $10 off Coupon at Disney Springs

What would you like to buy??

Read more about Under Armour’s re-opening in Disney Springs here!

Disney Springs Food Update

Popcorn Cart

While we told you that you can still get your popcorn buckets refilled in Disney Springs

Popcorn Cart

…now popcorn carts are selling the Mickey Birthday Refillable Popcorn Buckets for guests!

Popcorn Cart

Oh, BOY!! We’re just so happy to be able to get Disney popcorn again.

Check out all the details on refillable popcorn buckets in Disney Springs here!

The Basket at Wine Bar George

We had to say goodbye to the newest Corkcicle at Wine Bar George’s The Basket (so long, friend), but you can still get the Corkcicle deal!

New Corkcicle Procedure

However, the $10 refill now comes in a plastic cup instead of in your reused Corkcicle.

Learn more about the change in the Corkcicle refills here!

Planet Hollywood

We’re taking a trip to the movies at Planet Hollywood! Although the location reopened on May 20th, we decided to go inside to check out the new health and safety procedures and order some eats.

Planet Hollywood Entrance

While we were there, our server was wearing a mask and told us that there was a reduced menu so food was coming out of the kitchen a lot quicker.

Planet Hollywood Meal!

We ordered a chicken sandwich and a boozy milkshake surprise that we will give you a full review of soon!

Learn more about Planet Hollywood’s health and safety procedures here!

Disney Springs Construction Update


Although there aren’t too many updates to share, construction is still happening at Beatrix.

Beatrix Construction

We’re loving that color, though!

Check out all the details on Beatrix coming soon here!

Ample Hills Creamery

Ample Hills Creamery in Disney Springs also appears under construction, too!

Ample Hills Creamery Construction

We will keep you updated if we see more progress on the new dining spots soon!

Read all about Ample Hills Creamery (and its ice cream) here!

Disney Springs Entertainment Update


The Stormtroopers have still been in a galaxy far, far away from their home and patrolling at Disney Springs.


While we’ve spotted them in different places throughout the shopping and dining district, on our most recent visit, they talked about how their “face coverings” looked pretty great! (We agree, Stormtroopers.)

Take a look at the Stormtroopers in action here!

So if you’re headed to Disney Springs, don’t forget your popcorn bucket, Corkcicle, and mask! We will be back in Disney Springs soon to bring you even MORE food, merch, construction, and entertainment updates.

Take a look at all the details you need to know about Disney World’s re-opening here!

What are you looking forward to seeing the most in Disney Springs? Let us know in the comments below!