These New Pocahontas Socks in Disney Springs Have All the Colors of the Wind!

World of Disney has reopened for Disney fans to pick up all their favorite Disney merchandise!

World of Disney

But, even though we’re in Disney Springs, we’re still going to travel just around the riverbend to pick up the newest (and cutest) accessory!

Pocahontas tells us to “listen to our hearts,” and our hearts are telling us we want a pair of the new Meeko Socks at World of Disney!

Meeko Socks

The socks feature Meeko looking as cute as ever with Flit flying around, probably ready to soar into Magic Kingdom.

Meeko Socks

You can pick up the Meeko socks to add to your wardrobe for $14.99! Also — is it just us, or do Meeko and Flash Slothmore look like they could be the best of friends? 😉

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