These New Pandora Charms Are Total CUTIES in Disney Springs Right Now!

Calling all animal lovers! After our early morning escapades at World of Disney, we stopped by Pandora today to see what was new and EXCITING!

Pandora at Disney Springs

We haven’t seen any new charms here since the temporary closure last March. We were ALSO on the lookout for any new safety measures Pandora has also implemented since reopening last week!

As you can see, there’s a clear one-way path marked with arrows on the floor so that guests won’t bump into each other while browsing. Only a certain number of guests are allowed into the store at one time as well.


Signage located near the door welcomes guests back while also reminding them to practice social distancing while shopping.


In addition to the directional arrows, social distancing markers show guests where to stand at safe intervals from each other.


Looking in the cases, we spotted several new Pandora Disney Charms that have recently flown in! Each of the new charms we’re about to show ya costs $55 and features one of our favorite Disney kitties, doggies, aliens, and even a FISH!

Pandora Charms

Cast Members referred to these both as the Cuties line as well as the Babies, but one thing is for certain — they’re adorable! We spied Mickey and Minnie Pandora Charms! Aren’t they just the cutest things EVER?

Mickey and Minnie Pandora Charms

Right next door, we spotted this handsome duo! That’s right, doggo moms — here’s a new Stitch Pandora Charm (okay, so he’s not REALLY a dog, but he DOES masquerade as one on occasion😆) along with this adorable 101 Dalmations Charm! They’re the same cartoony style as the new Mickey and Minnie Pandora Charms and would look really good all together!

Stitch and 101 Dalmations Pandora Charms

If you’re more of a cat person, you gotta check out this new Marie Pandora Charm for $55! It’s pawsitively perfect in every way!

Marie Charm

And check out these two troublemakers — we also discovered this Cheshire Cat and Nemo Pandora Charm today!

Cheshire Cat and Find Nemo Pandora Charms

We’d almost forgotten how wonderful it feels to see new Pandora Charms out in the wild. Hopefully, you’ll have the chance to grab them IRL someday, but for now you can find a few of them on Pandora’s website.

Wanna go shopping at Disney Springs? Learn more about World of Disney’s new virtual queue system here!

What do you think of these new Disney Pandora styles? Tell us which charm is your favorite in the comments below!