The World of Disney Is Reopening in Disney Springs Today and It’s Already CRAZY BUSY!


We took you with us last week to the re-opening of third-party stores and restaurants in Disney Springs. And now, select Disney-owned stores and restaurants are beginning to open back up again today.

World of Disney

Although we’ve already discussed the new health and safety measures in place throughout Walt Disney World’s shopping and dining district, we’re starting this visit with a look at the amount of guests ready to return to the World of Disney.

Before diving in, the World of Disney is scheduled to open at 10 AM this morning. And the next few pictures of the lines to enter the store below were taken BEFORE 9 AM.

Front of World of Disney Line

The picture above is simply the front of the line. Note that the line (still before 9 AM) wound around past Dockside Margaritas, if you’re familiar with the set up of the Disney Springs Marketplace. If you’re not familiar, these pictures below should give you some idea!

Lines around World of Disney

Lines to enter World of Disney

Lines to enter World of Disney

There are certainly lots of social distancing signs and markers around Disney Springs to keep guests and Cast Members safe. The World of Disney already had a long line of stickers on the ground last week, indicating that maybe the store would be busy when it re-opened.

Markers outside of World of Disney store in Disney Springs

A line queue had also been added for today.

Markers on the ground and line holder outside World of Disney

And, as far as anticipating those crowds…  boy, were they right!

Lines this morning

When we arrived before the store even opened, there was already a crowd of people waiting outside to visit the biggest Disney store in Walt Disney World. Since there weren’t quite enough markings on the ground for all the people there, additional tape was placed on the ground to denote physical distancing markers.

Additional Tape on the ground

Once the tape ran out…

Duct Tape Markers

Cast Members began to advise guests to stay 6 feet apart from the group in front of them until more tape arrived.

To make sure that guests can maintain a safe distance while shopping, only a certain amount of people will be let into the World of Disney at a time. To help implement this, guests are asked to put their names in for a Virtual Queue to receive text updates 15 minutes prior to when they are able to visit. A Cast Member is located at the front of the store to enter guests into the virtual queue.

World of Disney

At press time this morning, we are learning of possible wait times of up to three hours to enter the World of Disney. 

We will continue to update this post throughout the morning as we enter the World of Disney, and we ask that you stay tuned!

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What is your favorite store to visit in Disney Springs? Let us know in the comments below!