NEWS! Disney World Guests’ FastPasses Are Disappearing in July — Even AFTER the Reopening Date

Disney World proposed their reopening plan yesterday and since then they’ve been working out the details.

Magic Kingdom

Disney is set to introduce a new reservation system for their theme parks and right now, they are no longer accepting new reservations. Yesterday we even spotted that Advance Dining Reservations were unavailable. Well today, something a little surprising is happening for folks who had FastPasses scheduled for July.

Today, members of our team and some of our readers noticed that their FastPasses for July (starting on the 11th when the parks are planning to reopen) were gone!

Sever Dwarfs Mine Train

Strangely enough, with no notice from Disney, FastPasses are disappearing from guests’ plans. Our FastPasses were still there this morning, so Disney must have pulled them sometime late morning or early afternoon. We had FastPasses booked throughout July and now they are all gone.

Of course, we tried to make some new FastPasses to see if we’d be able to but we were met with an error screen.

Fastpass+ Error Screen

Our dining reservations are still available in our plans but it sure is weird that all of our FastPasses disappeared. We haven’t heard any statement from Disney on how the reopening will affect the FastPass system, so we are interested to learn more about Disney’s process. Perhaps this is a glitch and the FastPasses will return, but we’re not sure.

This is a developing situation so we’ll be sure to keep you updated as we learn more!

Click here to learn more about the current state of Disney reservations.

Were you affected by this sudden cancelation of FastPasses? Tell us in the comments!