Mickey Pretzels and Popcorn Never Tasted SO GOOD — Snacks are BACK at Disney World!

We’ve been filling you in on all the latest happenings now that several stores and restaurants have started to reopen at Disney Springs since last week!

World of Disney


And while you probably thought our coverage of World of Disney’s grand reopening was a pretty big deal today — we’re following an even BIGGER story (we think so at least!).

Now that several Disney-owned locations have started to reopen, guess what we’ve found throughout Disney Springs?!?

Snack and Cocktail Carts

That’s right, fam! Mickey Pretzels, Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bars, Churros, and Popcorn have triumphantly RETURNED to Disney World!


We’ll never look at them these common Disney World snacks the same way AGAIN! To think about how many times we took them for granted only to realize when the parks temporarily closed down we’d miss them MOST OF ALL!

We picked up a bucket of popcorn (still in that cute Mary Blair inspired packaging!)


A Cast Member informed us that they’re still refilling popcorn buckets, even though they’re not currently selling them!

Next up, we got our ol’ pal, a Mickey Pretzel!

Mickey Pretzel!

Churros are available as well.


All our favorite Ice Cream Novelties, including Mickey Premium Bars and Ice Cream Sandwiches, have returned as well!

Ice Cream

A small number of alcoholic options like beer are available for purchase at these stands again too. You can find the snacks at various carts throughout Disney Springs starting today!

See our full coverage of the reopened Disney-owned stores in Disney Springs here!

Are you happy to see your favorite Disney snacks BACK?! Let us know below!