Let’s Grab a Slice! Pizza Ponte Has Reopened in Disney World


Disney Springs is back OPEN with places to shop and spots to grab a bite.

Pizza Ponte

While Disney-owned locations won’t be opening until May 27th, there are still SO many restaurants and stores that will be greeting guests again. Today, we’re making our way over to the newly-reopened Pizza Ponte to see how they’re handling the changes.

Pizza Ponte is one of the Pantina Restaurant Group locations reopening (you can see the rest of them here!) to guests in Disney Springs. Currently, the restaurant will be open from 12PM to 8PM with limited menu options. But, these hours are always subject to change!

Pizza Ponte

Patina recently stated that they would be instituting a Dine Safe: Commitment to Care program in order to make sure that health concerns and risks are minimized during operation and the hygiene protocols are at the CDC standard or above.

The Dine Safe Plan stated that the dining room would have the following requirements: face coverings for guests except while eating or drinking, redesigned table layout to allow distancing, enhanced cleaning and sanitation protocols, the addition of hand-sanitizing stations, controlled access through designated entrances and exits, and single-use menus.

Dine Safe Certifications and Hand Sanitizer

When we arrived at Pizza Ponte, there were clearly marked entrances and exits for guests to use so the restaurant could control its flow of traffic.

Pizza Ponte

The spot encouraged the use of a QR code menu to reduce contact points with other guests. They had the menu posted as well.

Pizza Ponte Menu

The floor had plenty of clear markings reminding guests to physically distance.

Pizza Ponte

Pizza Ponte has changed its seating lay-out to separate tables to comply with its new procedures as well.

Pizza Ponte

As a part of the Dine Safe program, the Patina restaurant employees will be undergoing health checks when they get to work, sanitizing their hands when they arrive and continue to wash and sanitize their hands every 20 minutes of their shift, wearing masks while they’re at Pizza Ponte, and taking part in a comprehensive training program.

Pizza Ponte

At this time, Pizza Ponte is taking cashless payments only. There was hand sanitizer available at the register too!

Pizza Ponte

We thought that Pizza Ponte upheld the standards that both Disney Springs and the Patina Restaurant Group set in place to keep guests and employees safe. Stay tuned with Disney Food Blog as we explore a reopened Disney Springs for the next few weeks!

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