If You Have Any of These 6 Disney Things, They’re Worth Some Seriously Big Bucks!

While you may collect Minnie Ears, Disney memorabilia, or other things from the parks, some of us have an entire attic full of old toys (guilty).

Coral Minnie Ears

And, even though it might seem easy to sell them during a garage sale, you might want to double-check how much those toys are worth!

Although it might feel like all your old Disney barbie playhouses and stuffed animals are simply nostalgic, some of them are worth a LOT of money nowadays! And, the next time you’re spring cleaning, you might want to check if you have these 6 valuable Disney items!

Original Buzz and Woody Toys

When Toy Story first came out, people were blown away by the CGI animation style that hadn’t been done before. Of course, we’ve come a VERY long way since then (you can literally see the fuzz on Mr. Incredible’s shirt in The Incredibles 2, you guys).

Since the movie was such a hit, the toys practically flew off the shelves and to infinity and beyond.


But, if you just so happen to be one of the lucky people that owns the original toys, you might be able to make BANK. The original Buzz with a utility belt and Woody with dangly legs has recently sold for up to $130 for Woody and $300 for Buzz (!!!).


Do you know how many grilled cheeses and Lunch Box Tarts we could buy with that kind of money?!

My Size Talking Ariel Doll

Look at this stuff, isn’t it neat? Wouldn’t you like to make your collection complete? When I was a kid in the late 90s, I had some of those life-size talking Barbie dolls you could dress up (iconic, I know). But, if you have the Ariel version sitting around somewhere, she’s worth a CRAZY amount of money.

We spotted the My Size Talking Ariel Doll selling anywhere from $515 on Amazon to $1000 on eBay.


However, we’ve heard that she could even be worth $1,700 (talk about buried treasure in your attic).

Original VHS Tapes

Although you can buy VHS tapes for anywhere from a few dollars to $150 (if they’re a bit rarer) like we’ve recently seen, those tapes can apparently be worth THOUSANDS. Since retro is totally in now, people have this nostalgic feeling of wanting to collect VHS tapes — even if they don’t have a VCR.

Toy Story VHS Notebook

Particularly, people are after the Black Diamond Edition of Beauty and the Beast, which has sold for up to $10,000 (!!!) just in the last year. And, we only expect them to be worth more as the years go on!

101 Dalmatians Giga Pets

Tamagotchi, Nintendogs — those pet games were must-haves growing up in the ’90s! And, even though they seem pretty pointless now with the level of video games we currently have (Animal Crossing has our hearts), the 101 Dalmatians Giga Pets can earn you a pretty penny.


Right now, the game is selling for $90 on eBay — so that means you can pick out a new video game or two just from selling one of the old ones you don’t use anymore!

Disney Barbie Gift Sets

Now, you may need to do some extra research on this one, folks. Depending on what year your Barbie is from, if she’s been taken out of the box, and what condition she is in, you might have a huge dollar item!

As we were researching, we found out that the Mattel Hercules Meg Gift Set is selling for $150 right now and that the Sun Colors Pocahontas Gift Set is selling for $100.


So, that’s definitely a reason to tell your mom that yes, you definitely needed all those Barbies growing up now that they’re worth so much! 😉

Aladdin Genie Plush

This one is a little on the rarer side, BUT if you happen have it… get ready to rake in the cash, friends!! When Aladdin was released, Disney also put out a limited edition Genie plush. The catch was that it was MASSIVE (like 40” tall) compared to the Genie plushes you can find in the stores today.


While we were researching, it was actually difficult to hunt this toy down. When we found him, we were shocked to see that he is selling for $800 on eBay. You ain’t never had a friend like Genie, you know!!

And, these six items only scratch the surface! Once you pull out all that Disney merchandise from your storage, check online to see how much your items are worth BEFORE you give them away! You might have a big payday hiding in some old boxes in your attic! Anybody else excited to clean for once now?? 😉

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Do you have any valuable Disney things laying around? Let us know in the comments below!