Aerial Photos Taken During Closure Give a Bird’s Eye View of Kilimanjaro Safaris

In yesterday’s column, thanks to some incredible aerial photos taken during Walt Disney World‘s temporary closure, we virtually zoomed over the Disney Skyliner station at Caribbean Beach Resort to get a peek at the gondolas in their storage area. Today, I thought it’d be fun to virtually swing by Disney’s Animal Kingdom for a look at what’s taking place on the Kilimanjaro Safaris savanna during the closure. Here we go!

I just love the fact that, even though the parks are closed and guests aren’t being shuttled around the savanna, life goes on. It’s been fun to follow along during the closure as news has broken regarding the birth of several animal babies. I mean, we’re all better for knowing that a baby porcupine is called a porcupette, aren’t we? And who knew that brand-new porcupines were so incredibly cute?

In the photo above, we can see a giraffe going about his or her daily life. This portion of the safari always makes me catch my breath. The safari vehicle rounds the corner, and, if you’re lucky, you’re staring right at a majestic giraffe.

And sometimes, that giraffe will have a few family members tagging along. It never ceases to amaze me that we get to see these creatures from such a close vantage point.

In the aerial shots, you can see the design work that went into planning the savanna. The natural-appearing rock borders and food distribution spots all look so interesting from this view. And it’s amazing how very small the giraffe appears.

In the picture above, we see an Ankole cattle grazing near the safaris’ central baobab tree. I wonder what the animals are thinking right about now without all of us bouncing along in our safari vehicles.

This wider shot shows an elephant near a watering hole, and another near an outcropping of trees. I just love how serene everything looks in these pictures. An Ankole cattle can be seen near the bottom of the photo. There’s a group of animals at the very bottom of the picture, and I’m wondering if it’s a group of Waterbuck or Greater kudu. If you know, please leave word in the comments section below. Thanks!

The safari vehicles are parked in rows in a backstage area at Animal Kingdom as they await the July 11th reopening of the park.

Is a visit to Kilimanjaro Safaris a must-do during your day at Animal Kingdom?

Aerial photos: Jonathan M. Salazar