You’re Choosing the WORST Seats on These Disney World Rides

Going to Disney World means getting to go on all of your favorite rides!

Cinderella Castle at Disney World

When you’re at Disney World, the world is your oyster (especially on Under the Sea — Journey of the Little Mermaid). However, with any ride comes the debate of what seats are good and bad. Everyone has their own preference, which is great! But… what if we told you that you’ve been choosing the WORST seats on some of your favorite attractions?

Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind (EPCOT)

We know, how can there be a bad seat on one of the coolest rides at EPCOT? It rotates and everything!

Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind

Well, we have an answer for you. We don’t want to say that there is a bad seat on this ride per se, however, row 1 will generally give you a slower ride experience. It’s leading all of the other ride vehicles so it has a lot of extra weight to pull along with it– making it the slowest, and worst seat on this ride.

Space Mountain (Magic Kingdom)

The single row seating is unique and can really make or break your ride experience.

Space Mountain!

Space Mountain is not known for being the smoothest ride in the parks. It can get very bumpy and jerk you around, and it varies on intensity depending on what row you’re sitting in. We found that sitting in the back row of this ride gives you the roughest experience. While we usually LOVE the back row, we’ll have to pass on this one.

Soarin’ (EPCOT)

In order to get the best seat on Soarin’, a lot of things have to be working in your favor. It is a lot easier to end up with some of the worst seats on this ride, so take this warning and soar.

Soarin’: Now Taking Flight

Before you even make it to the pre-show, you’ll be sent to different concourses before you’re assigned to your row. Concourses A and C will put you on either side of the screen that you will shortly be soarin’ through. The images on the screen can sometimes become more distorted and the edges of the screen will become more visible. The ride is still enjoyable, but it breaks the immersion to some degree.

A Lovely View of Soarin Over California from Row 3

Aside from the concourse you’re in, the row you’re assigned to also plays a big part in your ride experience. If you’re seated in rows 2 and 3, you’re going to have feet dangling down and obstructing your view. Along with this, you’re also at a lower vantage point and closer to the ground. While this is great for people who don’t like heights, for others it can be considered the worst seat on the ride.

Kilimanjaro Safari (Disney’s Animal Kingdom)

We love the safari as much as the next person, but sometimes the seat you’re in can make a HUGE impact on your overall experience.

A View of Multiple Safari Ride Vehicles!

The safari vehicles are meant to transport large groups of people throughout the Savannah. While the design of these vehicles make sense from that standpoint, as a rider, they are less than ideal. The worst seat on this ride is pretty much anywhere that is not the front row or the seats on either end of the row.

Kilimanjaro Safaris

If you’re in the middle of the safari vehicle, you’ll generally get worse views because they’re obstructed by the people around you. This is also true when you want to take photos– you need to constantly be looking over those around you and reaching over them for that perfect photo. The safari is worth it no matter what, but keep this in mind when you’re getting in the vehicle.

Slinky Dog Dash (Hollywood Studios)

This ride has some amazing theming and really immerses you into the world of Toy Story. There is one seat on this ride in particular that can break the immersion faster than you can blink— and it’s not what you expect.

Slinky Dog Dash

The front row of Slinky Dog Dash looks like it would be a great experience– I mean, who wouldn’t want to go through this ride with Slinky Dog himself? Us. We found that when you’re on this ride in the front row, your view is obstructed by Slinky Dog. You’re unable to see any of the theming and the immersion breaks because you can’t see anything.

Slinky Dog Dash

This is particularly important to those who get motion sickness– sometimes not being able to see what’s coming can make the nausea worse.

While we love all of these rides equally, we have to be able to admit when we’re not getting a top tier experience. Bad seats on rides are inevitable no matter where you go– just remember to enjoy your trip (and to ask for the better seats if you can)!

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