Who Is Jerrod Maruyama, and Why Do Disney Fans Love Him?

While it’s pretty rare for us to find Disney merchandise we don’t love (meaning we often want to buy it ALL), there are still some items that we, and other Disney fans, hold a little bit nearer and dearer to our hearts compared to others.

Some merch is just loved a little extra!

Some of those merchandise items are those that feature the artwork of Jerrod Maruyama. We’ve seen merch featuring his artwork pop up in the parks and online over the years, and nowadays, you can find his stuff selling for a pretty penny on sites like eBay, Poshmark, and Mercari. So… why are Disney fans so in love with this dude’s work? Let’s talk about it!

First, we’ll talk about who the Jerrod is. He’s a freelance illustrator who has made a name for himself within the Disney community because of his unique yet adorable take on classic characters and icons that we all know and love.

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Maruyama’s work is showcased across several different types of merchandise throughout the Disney Parks — all under the collection called “Kingdom of Cute”. You might recognize his work on the balloons that debuted at Disney World in 2021.

Kingdom of Cute Balloons

Not only that, but you can still grab the Kingdom of Cute pins throughout the park! These are a fan-favorite souvenir for pin collectors. There are also Kingdom of Cute kitchen utensils and household items…

This adorable pattern is on most of the items!

… and there was even a Kingdom of Cute Dooney and Bourke collection at one time.


So… if you’ve made it this far in the post, it’s probably a no-brainer why Disney fans love this dude so much. His work is just too adorable to resist buying it! Fans love how he brings in an Asian-inspired art style that resembles the “kawaii” art style, which is popular in Japan. This puts a new twist on the characters we love, and adds an extra layer of cuteness and softness — the intention of kawaii!

Throw Blanket!

His work can still be found at certain locations around Disney World on the rare occasion, but it does sell out quickly. Look around for it next time you visit!

Jerrod Maruyama Mickey Ear Pillow

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