We Have an Important UPDATE on the GRAVY-THEMED Roller Coaster That’s Coming Soon!

Yes, you did read that title right, DFB reader: We are talking about a gravy-themed roller coaster.

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A few months ago, Holiday World announced that they were building a new roller coaster themed after Thanksgiving, with a special emphasis on gravy — yep, the beloved sauce (is it a sauce?) that you pour over turkey, mashed potatoes, and more. Now that we’ve all made ourselves incredibly hungry, we have an update on that coaster for you!

While we were at the IAAPA (International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions) Expo earlier today, we stopped by to get an update on this new gravy coaster, which is being built by the same company that brought TRON Lightcycle / Run to life.

TRON Lightcycle / Run

The park was getting ready to show off the ride vehicle for the new roller coaster, and there was a video screen nearby to show a video of the upcoming attraction as well.


We got a sneak peek at the ride vehicles for the Good Gravy! coaster, and we have to say that these are AMAZING.

Gravy Boat

The coaster’s ride vehicles are decorated with fall motifs…

Fall motifs

…and have gravy spilling out the front!


Holiday World Theme Park and Splashin’ Safari Water Park are located in the aptly named Santa Claus, Indiana. This holiday-themed theme park is broken up into four main holiday sections: Christmas, Halloween, Fourth of July, and Thanksgiving. Holiday World’s newest roller coaster edition will be located in the Thanksgiving section, of course!

Good Gravy! this looks fun!

You begin your journey on Good Gravy! by taking a walk through Grandma’s house, only to discover the Thanksgiving feast is OUT OF GRAVY! (Oh, the HORROR!) You and your family will climb aboard “the world’s largest gravy boat” (incredible) and venture out to make more of Grandma’s traditional Good Gravy.

Let’s go!

You will whiz past kitchen ingredients and tools like a whisk, a rolling pin, a timer, a box of stuffing, and the best part: a tunnel depicting A GIANT CAN OF CRANBERRY JELLY! We don’t even have words…this ride sounds amazing already. This ride will be 1,500 feet in length77 feet tall at the highest point, have a 38″ height requirement, and will have a top speed of 37 mph. This family gravy-themed roller coaster is set to open in May 2024.

We personally can’t wait to hear more about this attraction as it develops, and we’ll keep you updated on it too, so stay tuned to DFB!

Here’s a complete guide to using the TRON Lightcycle / Run virtual queue in Disney World!

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