REVIEW: We Were Almost Fooled by Disney World’s New Dessert. Almost.

We may have just found one of the cutest treats in Disney World.

Magic Kingdom during the holidays

When the holidays roll around, not only are we blessed with the stunning holiday decorations all around Disney World, but we are also blessed with so many new snacks and treats exclusive to the holiday season.

There are tons of new treat offerings throughout the parks, especially during the after-hour holiday parties, and while we love trying every single one we can get our hands on, we decided to head to a resort to see what holiday treats they had to offer!

Wilderness Lodge

We headed on over to Disney’s Wilderness Lodge since we got word that a new treat had recently arrived! We decided to check out the Roaring Fork to see what they had to offer– and we were met with the cutest thing possible. 

Roaring Fork

We found this Peppermint Igloo! Not only is it a surprisingly realistic-looking igloo, but it even has a snowman friend (Who we’re assuming lives in the igloo? What’s his story?). Regardless of where this snowman takes residence, we are obsessed with it. Could’ve fooled us, Disney! It’s hard to believe that we’re looking at mousse here.

Peppermint Igloo

This treat is a white chocolate igloo filled with white chocolate-peppermint mousse on top of a dark chocolate cake. This treat was $7.99, and it is available through December 30th at the Roaring Fork in Disney’s Wilderness Lodge.

Isn’t our Peppermint Igloo cute?

When we tasted it, we were met with a subtle peppermint taste, but it really helped liven the mousse up. We thought it almost tasted similar to those gigantic soft candy canes you can get around the holidays. The mousse is also thick enough to hold its form under the sugar coating, so you don’t need to worry about it crumbling on you.


The mousse sits on top of a piece of dark chocolate cake. But sadly, the cake flavor kind of gets lost in the peppermint mousse flavor, and it seems like the cake is only there to act as a base for the mousse. We’re all for a solid structure, but we wish we got a better taste of that chocolate cake. At first, we were expecting to taste a mousse-cake hybrid treat, so this threw us off for a second.

Time to take a bite!

Overall, we enjoyed the mousse but wish we had gotten more of the chocolate flavor from the cake. We think this treat was a little pricey for what it is, but it was cute enough that we almost forgot about the $7.99 price tag. We’re still looking out for special holiday treats, so keep checking back in with us at DFB to see what we find next!

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