REVIEW: We Tried SKITTLES FUDGE in Magic Kingdom and It Went About As Well As You’d Expect 😬

Disney World is THE place to try fun and unique snacks.

Dole Whip Cupcake

All over the Disney World parks, you can find classic theme park foods as well as fun twists on those foods. One of our favorite places to grab some exciting sweet treats is Main Street Confectionery, which probably comes as a surprise to no one. It’s a popular place to grab snacks as it is conveniently located right on Main Street, U.S.A. in Magic Kingdom. Today, we’re headed to the Confectionery to try a brand new Skittles snack! 

Today, we’re trying the Fruit-Flavored Fudge Bites inspired by Skittles! These treats come as a box of five fudges, each enrobed in white chocolate with a flavored drizzle and a candy center. The flavors are grape, green apple, lemon, orange, and strawberry. You can grab them for $11.99!

Skittles Fudge!

While we generally love the Skittles snacks we try at Disney World, we were a bit nervous about trying these. Skittles fudge? It just didn’t sound the greatest. However, they looked fun, so we braved it and pushed through.


Well, they were definitely unique, with some flavors better than others. We personally loved the orange one, because it tasted like a creamsicle. The purple one, on the other hand, tasted like fake grape flavoring mixed with bubblegum and it was just NOT IT. The lemon one reminded us of a lemon Girl Scout cookie and we really liked that one, too. The green one is pretty mild and we could barely taste the apple. While the Cast Member said that she and several others raved about the Strawberry one, this particular reporter didn’t enjoy it. It really does depend on personal preference!

Inside the strawberry one

The consistency of the fudge was great. It was dense and just slightly creamy. They are super rich, though, so keep that in mind. At the center of the fudge is a Skittle with a texture that could be off-putting to some but fun for others, so once again, it really does depend on the person. For us, we found that the Skittle in the center balanced out some of the treats, as they’re pretty tangy. However, for some flavors, we found that it just clashed.

All the flavors

So, should you get these? Well, these are definitely for the fruity candy and dessert lovers. Also, there are some out there who appreciate that candied/artificial fruit flavor more than we do. They might enjoy the snack more! Us? We probably wouldn’t get this again as we only enjoyed two out of the five fudges and paid nearly $12 for them.

The orange one — our favorite

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