REVIEW: Um…We’re CONFUSED About This Slider at the Disney Festival of Holidays

It’s TIME!!!! Yes, the holidays have arrived at Disney California Adventure and we are THERE.

2023 Winter Sliderland Booth

The 2023 Disney California Adventure Festival of Holidays has officially kicked off and we’re checking out EVERYTHING. You’ll be able to visit the festival from now through January 7th, 2024, to enjoy some amazing food and drinks, check out some holiday entertainment, and more! We’re going to focus on food right now, though, because we’re heading over to the Winter Sliderland booth.


If you haven’t figured it out, the Winter Sliderland booth is ALL about sliders. This year will have one brand NEW slider, plus a returning one.


Now that we’ve taken a look at the menu, let’s dive into the food itself!


First up, we grabbed the Togarashi Karaage Chicken Slider with furikake mayo slaw on a Hawaiian roll for $9. This is a brand-new item this year, so we couldn’t wait to try it out. We’re going to warn you now — this is not going to be something everyone will like. Furikake, which is a condiment that includes dried fish and seaweed, is an acquired taste. This sandwich is also moderately spicy and might be TOO spicy for a lot of folks, too.

Togarashi Karaage Chicken Slider

With the warnings aside, though, we liked the heat and the crispy chicken. It is an overwhelming flavor, though, and the chicken’s flavors overpower the Hawaiian roll. The cucumber also cuts through the fishy taste of the furikake. We’d say it reminded us of what fried chicken sushi might taste like. But there was still something about the sandwich as a whole that seemed off to us, and we’re not sure we’d get it again.

We’re still not sure about it

You can also get the returning Beef Brisket Slider with smoked onions and horseradish ketchup on a pretzel roll for $9. We tried this last year and it was a bit of a “swing and a miss” for us. This year, though, we thought the brisket was hearty and packed with flavor.

Beef Brisket Slider

The horseradish ketchup is light with a slight kick (so be warned) and gives the brisket a more barbecued flavor.  The pretzel bun, though, is the real star here, as it was for us last year. We are a little biased, though — a pretzel bun is always going to elevate a snack for us.

The bun steals the show

We will say that you do need to enjoy smoked meat and a lot of flavors to really appreciate this slider.


In terms of drinks on this menu, there’s just one available here and it’s new this year. The Spiced Pear Mule for $16 is made with Pear vodka, gin, apricot liqueur, house-made spice syrup, pear nectar, and lemon juice garnished with a white orchid. This one is DANGEROUS because you can barely taste the alcohol. It’s very light and refreshing and tastes almost like a Vitamin Water but without the artificial flavors.

Spiced Pear Mule

This drink also has a subtle floral aroma and some hints of lime. The pear and spice flavors come through the most with a citrusy aftertaste. We will say we’re not sure it’s worth $16, especially since you can drink it like water and it goes down smoothly. This is one for those who love light and fruity cocktails.


As far as the sliders go, we’d skip the Togarashi Karaage Chicken Slider (unless you’re feeling really adventurous) and go for the Beef Brisket Slider if we visit this food booth again. It’s a solid slider that we’d certainly return for. We also liked the Spiced Pear Mule, especially if you’re looking for a light fruity cocktail that’s perfect for a warmer day.

Winter Sliderland Spread

That’s it for this booth, but there’s a LOT more where that came from!

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