REVIEW: This New Disney Treat Looks Like a Fairy Threw Up On It (and Kinda Tasted That Way Too…😬)

When it comes to snagging sweet treats at Disneyland, a lot of folks head straight to Maurice’s Treats. 

Maurice’s Treats

This Fantasyland snack kiosk serves up a variety of specialty sweets and frozen beverages, and is themed to Beauty and the Beast. Yep, it’s just like Belle’s father is truly there and serving up some treats to the village folk. So cute! We were walking by and noticed something NEW, and it looked so intriguing that we just HAD to try it. Come along with us!

The Is it Pink or Blue? treat is a CINNAMON ROLL that you can get for $6.49 at Maurice’s. Y’all already know how we feel about Disney cinnamon rolls. Ain’t nothin’ better. 


However, this one isn’t your typical cinnamon roll. It’s covered in pink and blue frosting and some sprinkles. So… How will this one measure up to the cinnamon-y standards we’ve already set in place? Well, HOLY SPRINKLES. 


Like, this treat just looks like a fairy threw up on it. In a cute way? But, how does it taste?

Hello there

This is the worst Disney cinnamon roll we’ve ever had. Literally. The frosting is just regular frosting, the bread itself is dry and stiff, and it honestly tasted stale. Ughhhh. We REALLY wanted to like this because it’s just so darn cute.

Inside the worst cinnamon roll ever

Maybe it would have been better if it were served warm, or if it had a bit more filling to provide some extra moisture. Also, we got one of the last three rolls, so it’s possible that these are better earlier in the day. 

We wanted to love this

We wouldn’t recommend this treat to anyone. ESPECIALLY if you typically love cinnamon rolls. You’ll just be left heartbroken. Well, if you’re super hungry, it might be okay. If you’re looking for a great alternative, head over to Jolly Holiday Cafe and Bakery and get a cinnamon roll that’s actually good. 

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