REVIEW: This Delicious NEW Disney World Treat Is Just $5!

It’s time to celebrate the holidays in Disney World!


We’re live from the very first Jollywood Nights at Hollywood Studios event ever and are bringing you with us to check everything out. From entertainment and merchandise to characters and more, we’re taking it all in. And now, we’re taking you with us to try some NEW eats at Trolley Car Cafe!

We made our way over to Trolley Car Cafe to pick up the Ornament Mousse.

Trolley Car Cafe

This is a cherry-filled dark chocolate mousse on a chocolate cookie base, and it’s available for $5.29.

Ornament Mousse

We actually got the very FIRST Ornament Mousse of the evening, and the Cast Member wrote a cute note on the package for us!

First one!

We thought this was delicious! The chocolate is rich, creamy milk chocolate, and there’s a thin layer of red gel casing around the whole thing.

Ornament Mousse

If you like milk chocolate, this is definitely the treat for you.

Ornament Mousse

The center has a cherry gel and chilled cherries. The gel is very sweet, but those cherries are tart and juicy when you bite into them.

Inside the treat

We thought the price was good for the portion, and we liked that it didn’t melt too quickly even though it was warm outside. Overall we’d definitely get this one again! However, if you’re not a fan of chocolate and cherries, you’ll want to pass.


There are plenty more treats where this one came from, so stay tuned to DFB as we bring you even more coverage from Jollywood Nights!

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