REVIEW: These Churros Are SO GOOD We’ll Be Ordering Them in Bulk From Now On

Okay, so is there a Disneyland snack more iconic than the churro?

Chip ‘n’ Dale at Festival of Holidays

Now, those corndogs and Mickey beignets are pretty popular, but churros are a WAY OF LIFE at Disneyland Resort. Plus, the beauty of getting churros throughout Disneyland is that there are so many interesting flavors, like the Candy Apple Churro and Trick-or-treat Churro covered in Twix pieces. Well, now that the Disney California Adventure Festival of Holidays is underway, a NEW churro has entered the arena — and we’re trying it!

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We found this new churro over at the Churro Cart near Goofy’s Sky School. It’s the Fresas con Crema for $7.25. This churro is coated in cinnamon sugar and topped with strawberries saturated in condensed milk. “Fresas con Crema” translates as Strawberries and Cream, and that’s exactly what this is. If you think that sounds delicious, you would be RIGHT!

Fresas con Crema

We’re going to add this churro to one of our favorite things at this year’s Festival of Holidays. First, it’s a solid, beautifully cooked Disneyland churro that’s served while still warm. But then you get that condensed milk with its sweet vanilla-like flavor WITH the freshness of the strawberries, and you’ve got the perfect, light dessert. We liked it so much that we’ll probably be getting it again and again during the festival.


So what’s better than one churro? TWO churros. So we headed over to the Churro Cart in Hollywood Land to try the Yule Log Churro for $7.75, which is a Crème filled chocolate churro with berry drizzle and powdered sugar. Okay, so this one was ANOTHER winner with us. It’s SO good, and we loved how it’s crunchy on the outside but how the cream softens it a bit on the inside.

Yule Log Churro

Now, this churro doesn’t have a typical churro flavor. Instead, it tastes more like a chocolate cookie. The berry drizzle was also the perfect accompaniment because it added a tartness to all that chocolate flavor.

SO chocolatey

The Festival of Holidays runs through January 7th, 2024, so be sure to make some time to check it out if you’ll be visiting Disneyland soon! Also, stay tuned to DFB for more food reviews!

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Will you be attending the Festival of Holidays this year? Let us know in the comments!

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