REVIEW: The Saga Continues in Our Toxic Relationship With This Disney World Snack

I sure hope you’re not sick of holiday snack reviews yet, because here comes another one!

Hollywood Studios

Between Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party, Jollywood Nights, and the gingerbread displays opening, we’ve already had a LOT of holiday treats and we’re not even halfway through November yet! But we’ve still got more snacks to share, so come along with us to Hollywood Studios for the next one on our list.

If you’ve been to Hollywood Studios during the holiday season in the past few years, you may have seen this Red Velvet Whoopie Pie at Backlot Express. You can also order it at Trolley Car Cafe. We have a pretty confusing love/hate relationship with this treat, and so when it came back to the menu this year, we decided I needed to stop by and try it again.

Red Velvet Whoopie Pie

It’s available for $5.29 and made with red velvet cake, candy cane buttercream, and holiday sprinkles. An older version of this treat used to come with cream cheese frosting, so that candy cane buttercream they switched to in 2022 was a big change.

The Whoopie Pie

So how does it stack up this year? Well…the cake is fluffy and light but a bit on the dry side with a really basic red velvet flavor. The buttercream definitely has a strong peppermint flavor, but the frosting is whipped so it’s not as rich as I feel like it should be. It’s mostly like it’s filled with sugary, minty fluff.

It’s pretty big!

On the plus side, it’s a pretty big treat, especially for the price. However, it makes a bit of a mess because the cake sticks to your fingers and the powdered sugar gets everywhere.

I stand firmly in the camp that this would be better with cream cheese frosting. Even if they flavored the cream cheese frosting with peppermint, that would be an improvement over the buttercream. It needs something richer to make it more interesting.

Inside the pie

Ultimately, this probably isn’t one of our top recommendations, though you may love it if you’re a massive peppermint or red velvet fan. But for a similar price, there are better snacks (and better cookies/pies) in Hollywood Studios! The good news is that this cookie hasn’t replaced the beloved Wookie Cookie or Carrot Cake Cookie during the holiday season — both of those are available at Backlot Express and Trolley Car Cafe, respectively.

Stay tuned to DFB for more food reviews from around Disney World.

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