REVIEW: If You’ve Ever Burned Your Tongue on Hot Chocolate, This $5 Disney World Treat Is for YOU

Did we seriously just find a way to taste hot chocolate without burning our tongues?

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Disney’s released a ton of new holiday treats and snacks that will keep your sweet tooth curbed throughout your entire vacation. If you mix those in with a few of the treats at the recently opened Gingerbread shops and displays around the hotels, you’re in for one holly jolly trip. However, Disney’s latest snack to hit the parks really gives us the warm fuzzies without the added heat — come see what we mean!

On a recent visit to Disney’s Hollywood Studios, we decided to stop by and try a new festive treat. This is a holiday snack you can pick up during the day inside the park at Toy Story Land — just make your way over to Woody’s Lunchbox.

Woody’s Lunchbox in Toy Story Land

This time we opted to Mobile Order our snack because it was a bit busier today, and in just a few minutes our tart was ready. Meet the Hot Chocolate Lunchbox Tart. We picked this treat up for $4.79.


It’s a rectangular-shaped tart made with chocolate fudge filling, hot chocolate marshmallow fondant, and mini marshmallows.

Hot Chocolate Lunchbox Tart

At the moment, it might possibly be one of our favorite of all the tart flavors so far (Disney has released several different seasonal flavors of these Lunch Box Tarts).

The chocolate achieves the “hot chocolate” taste without needing the temperature behind it. The marshmallows found at the top are sweet, pillowy, gooey, and sticky on the inside just like you would imagine if they were melting inside the liquid cocoa. The tart crust was soft and easily fell apart to reveal the thin layer of chocolate filling. However, this proves to be its one weak link. This tart falls apart very easily so you’ll want to be careful when splitting it.

Inside look

If you find yourself craving a sweet holiday-themed treat, and especially that hot cocoa flavor but just can’t stand a piping hot cup of it in the Florida heat, try this instead to get your fix. But, if you’re just a casual fan of chocolate or prefer a richer, dark chocolate taste that’s heavier than it is creamy, you might not like this one as much.

We’ve reviewed tons of holiday snacks and treats at Disney World! Be sure to check out our reviews below for them all and stay tuned with us for more holidays around Disney World.

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Which lunchbox tart has flavor has been your favorite from Woody’s Lunchbox? Tell us in the comments below!

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