REVIEW: If You Only Get ONE Exclusive Snack at Jollywood Nights in Disney World, Get THIS

We’ve been scoping out all of the shows, attractions, characters, and entertainment at Jollywood Nights in Hollywood Studios!

Jollywood Nights

But after taking in the Muppets holiday variety show and jazzy, Hollywood soiree, it’s time to grab something to eat!

Tonight, we headed over to the Epic Eats and they’re not coloring inside the lines with this menu!


Epic Eats is known for decadent funnel cakes, and for this festive party, it’s offering some funnel cakes that are sweet, spicy, and savory, and we can’t wait to dig in!

Spicy Korean Chicken Funnel Cake

This dish is a mini-classic funnel cake topped with spicy fried Korean chicken and pickled vegetables. This unique fusion snack is a cross between classic fair food (funnel cake) and Korean chicken and kimchi.

We tip our hats to the chefs on creativity! So does this marriage of Korean + Southern cuisine deliver?

Spicy Korean Chicken Funnel Cake

Regardless of the added kimchi, this is still chicken and waffles, which is never a bad thing. The kimchi does add a nice fresh take to the typical pairing, though, and the sauce has a sweet tanginess to it. It serves up great crunchy and crispy textures that we love, but we didn’t notice any spice at all. We would order this over and over.

You can grab this dish at Epic Eats for $6.29.

Definitely get this!

Brisket Reuben Funnel Cake

The Brisket Reuben Funnel Cake is a mini-classic funnel cake topped with beef brisket and sauerkraut slaw topped with thousand island dressing. Funnel – good; reubeny-brisket – good — but do two good things make a great thing? Or a mess?

Brisket Reuben Funnel Cake

Out of the three, this one was probably our least favorite. It was unpleasant that our first bite was entirely fat. The meat that’s there is nice and tender (probably from all the added fat on it), but there’s so much slaw on top it overwhelms the flavor of the meat. We also noticed that this funnel cake was a bit overdone and too crispy– but two out of three perfect funnel cakes are pretty good odds. We would probably skip this one next time.

You can grab this dish at Epic Eats for $6.29.

Not our fave

S’mores Funnel Cake

And now for the piece de resistance: S’mores Funnel Cake. A mini-funnel cake topped with giant roasted marshmallow with chocolate and marshmallow sauce, topped with chocolate curls and… cinnamon cereal? Ok, that’s a bit of a twist with the cinnamon cereal tossed in there — but let’s see how it tastes!

S’mores Funnel Cake

We found this treat to be VERY sweet. I guess that’s what you get when you load a funnel cake up with marshmallow. The gooey topping really overwhelms the other flavors that are trying to sneak out in the dessert. The funnel cake itself is good and crispy on the outside and nice and soft on the inside. Once you get a few bites in, you can find a hint of chocolate. If you’re a fan of marshmallows and sugar, this one’s for you!

You can grab this dish at Epic Eats for $5.29.

Very sweet!

The only issue we found with Epic Eats was that there was no seating available for the party. We were directed to BaseLine for the closest tables.

Full spread at Epic Eats!

So, we’ve sipped, savored, nibbled, and delighted over the holiday treats at Epic Eats during the Jollywood Nights event and let you know which of these menu items are worth a detour in your party plans to snag, and which ones you may want to pass on for other party options.

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Will you be trying anything from Epic Eats during Jollywood Nights? Let us know in the comments below!

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