FREE Is Too High a Price for This Cruise Line

Who wouldn’t want a free cruise?

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Well, as it turns out, a lot of people. If you’ve only cruised with a company like Disney Cruise Line, you may be accustomed to the cruise line taking fantastic care of guests, keeping the ship clean, and everything in between, but not all cruise lines are built the same. In fact, one cruise line is offering FREE cruises to certain people, and many are reluctant to take it.

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Margaritaville At Sea is offering Teachers, Military Members, and First Responders an unlimited sailing pass on “non-consecutive cruises to the Bahamas on board the Margaritaville at Sea Paradise through the end of 2024” for less than $300.

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Sounds like an amazing deal, right? Well, as it turns out, many people have horror stories with the cruise line, including some members of our team. One of our co-workers shared that she went with her parents, who are both teachers, last year, and in her words said, “Don’t go. Free was still too high a cost to endure a weekend on this boat.”

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To begin, she said you have to valet park your car at the port, already adding on a fee to the “Free” title, but embarking and debarking was a nightmare. There was very little communication on how to get aboard and off the ship, meaning that they waited for nearly 2.5 hours to get off the ship. The cruise staff didn’t communicate with everyone, who had been gathered in the main lobby, that you had to put your room number on their waiting list, and that was the order they were allowing people off the ship.

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Not only that, the shower curtain inside their room was covered in mold, the floor was buckled in various places due to water damage from the buffet, and the toilets in the main lobby were broken often, meaning a sewage smell was prevalent throughout most common areas during their cruise.

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The food was often inedible, such as raw hamburger meat, and options at the buffet were consistently strange and not enjoyable. When they disembarked at the port, there wasn’t much to do — most shops were closed other than one bar right when you got off the ship. The entertainment onboard the ship also left a lot to be desired.

We’re not going to sugarcoat things here — if you’re planning to be intoxicated for most of your trip, then you’ll likely have a great time and not be too bothered by these things, but the Internet is filled with stories from sober individuals who have chosen to not cruise with them again.

Now, everyone’s experience can vary, and if you do take advantage of this deal, we hope you have the best time! Stay tuned to DFB for all the latest cruise news.

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Would you take advantage of this deal and sail with Margaritaville? Tell us in the comments!

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