11 Unfortunate Things That Happen Every Time We Stay at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort

We know. You can’t get enough of Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort.

Polynesian Village Resort

It’s one of Disney World’s deluxe resorts and one of the monorail resorts. It’s got incredible theming and the view of the castle and fireworks is spectacular. However, we’ve come across some things that almost ALWAYS seem to happen when we stay there that we need to warn you about.


“The view out my window is nothing but construction.”

Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort is undergoing a major overhaul. Disney is currently in the process of expanding this resort to include more Disney Vacation Club villas, which will bring new recreation and dining options.

Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort

We’ve been following progress on the construction since the project began. We’ve seen a large portion of the building going up in the past few months. We’ve been seeing a lot of cranes on site, too, while the crews work on the DVC villas. Concept art we’ve seen previously suggests that the new structure will include a variety of villa sizes, including 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom villas.

More work to be done

However, it’s not scheduled to finish until late 2024, so that’s a long time to deal with the construction!

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“It’s a very popular hotel for non-hotel guests to visit.”

Being that this resort is one of the monorail resorts, it is not only a very popular place to go, it’s also very easy to get there.

Lots of People Over Here

That’s why you will notice that it’s almost always crowded especially compared to less popular resorts that aren’t monorail resorts.

“I booked advanced dining reservations for ‘Ohana for fireworks dining, when I could’ve gotten much better views for free just sitting on the beach.”

We love everything ‘Ohana and we mean everything. It is pretty fantastic to be able to watch the fireworks while dining at ‘Ohana.


But ‘Ohana is pricey, and not every seat at ‘Ohana is a fireworks-viewing seat, so you need to consider the cost if you’re going to dine, and you should make the request ahead of time so you’re not stuck looking at a wall instead of a sparkling night sky.

©Disney Tourist Blog

Here’s a Pro tip: The beach at Polynesian Resort has GREAT fireworks views without the crowds OR the price of a signature restaurant meal! You can also see the Electrical Water Pageant happen on the Seven Seas Lagoon!

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“I have to plan to take the water transportation because people walk over from the TTC since it’s the very next stop on the resort loop.”

Since the resort is right next to the Ticket and Transportation Center, many people walk right over. This definitely crowds up the resort and the main transportation option to Magic Kingdom, the monorail.

Boat launch from Polynesian Village Resort to Magic Kingdom

So many times, you might find that the quickest way to get to Magic Kingdom is to take the water transportation.

“If you’re staying DVC and not planning on using the oasis pool closest to those buildings, it is a bit of a walk to the main pool.”

One of the problems that you might run into, especially if you’re staying DVC at Polynesian, is that the resort is LARGE.

Pool at Polynesian

It can be quite a long walk to the main pool if you’re not planning on using the oasis pool. Not that the oasis pool isn’t great, it just doesn’t quite have the same ambiance as the main pool.

“I pay for ‘Ohana when I can get literally all of the best things for cheaper at Tambu Lounge.”

‘Ohana is great, we’re not going to lie, but that doesn’t change the fact that it is pricey!

Breakfast at ‘Ohana

If you do want some of the best things off the menu, you can find them at Tambu Lounge!

‘Ohana Bread Pudding and Noodles at Tambu Lounge!

You can find noodles, pot stickers, and bread pudding for cheaper than ‘Ohana too!


“I have to carry a giant pineapple filled with rum around”

This is the first of our first-world problems, but when you can Dole Whip served INSIDE A PINEAPPLE. We can’t imagine anything more perfect in this world! You can even get a shot of coconut rum to pour over it.

Lapu Hula

The perfect Dole Whip doesn’t exist…yes, yes, it does and it’s called the Lapu Hula! That is a LOT of Dole Whip, so it’s definitely shareable — but only if you want to!

“I could see myself living here.”

Between the decor and the theming…

Polynesian Village Resort

…and the Polynesian vibes…

Polynesian Village

It’s really REALLY hard to leave here. It feels like you’ve been transported to a tropical island and we could just live there always!

“The free lei is itchy but I feel obligated to wear it so people know where I’ve been.”

How can you beat getting a free lei to commemorate your visit?


And no matter how it may or may not feel, we’re definitely keeping it on as long as possible.

“I walk around bloated all day from all the noodles, potstickers, chicken, and then a Dole Whip”

There are so many food options here at Polynesian.

It’s so pretty

We know it’s a first-world problem, but it’s hard to stop eating when all the food options are sooo delicious!

“I get sunburnt from sitting on the beach and staring at the castle view.”

There might not be a more perfect place to sit and appreciate the castle than from the beach at the Polynesian.

The Beach at the Polynesian

And there may have been one or two times (we can’t confirm nor deny) that we might have been so taken by the view that we’ve gotten pretty sunburnt.

Polynesian Resort

So if you’re booking a stay at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort, keep these issues in mind. Hopefully, we’ve prepared you for anything that might come up so you’re ready to tackle any problems.

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