The $5 EPCOT Meal We Can’t Stop Thinking About

You probably read the title of this post and thought, “A $5 meal? At Disney? No way.” 


YES WAY! Not only is this cheap meal in EPCOT convenient and easy to eat while walking around the park, it’s also delicious. We truly can’t stop thinking about it, and many folks walk right past it without even knowing they’re missing out on one of the greatest EPCOT snacks. Let’s talk about it!

Joy of Tea in EPCOT’s China pavilion is a cute little spot right in front of World Showcase Lagoon. It serves a small but delicious variety of Chinese sips, and ONE food option. EGG ROLLS!


These Egg Rolls are one of our favorite things to grab at EPCOT. They’re $5.25, crispy, crunchy, warm, and delicious. Unfortunately, there isn’t a vegetarian option available, they only come with pork and cabbage. If you’re cool with eating pork, you MUST try them. 

Egg Rolls

One thing that we like most about them is that they really focus on the cabbage. Inside, you’ll find much more vegetables than pork, which we find ideal for a hot day in the park. The cabbage also adds a lot of that crunchy texture that many of us find so appealing. 


While these egg rolls won’t necessarily work as your only meal of the day, they do come in handy for a light lunch if you’ve got reservations for dinner! They’re just filling enough. And they’re definitely satisfying, especially when combined with one of the drinks on the menu.


What do you think? Will you be giving the egg rolls a try the next time you’re at EPCOT? We’ll continue to keep you updated with more Disney snack recommendations and reviews. Make sure to follow along for more! 

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