REVIEW: Disney World Hotels Keep Beating the Theme Parks at the Snack Game

We’re loving all the new treats Disney is releasing to celebrate Hispanic and Latin American Heritage Month!

Port Orleans French Quarter

September 15th marked the first day of this celebration, and Disney World will be celebrating through October 15th. We headed over to Port Orleans French Quarter Resort to try one of their new additions for the celebration!

Over at Sassagoula Floatworks Food Factory, you can grab the new Passion Fruit Tres Leches for $5.29. This is passion fruit tres leches with a guava Mickey decoration, and contains whole milk, sweetened condensed, and evaporated milk inside (so those that are lactose-intolerant — beware).

Passion Fruit Tres Leches

While some of the passionfruit flavor comes from the cake, most of it comes from the decorations on top. We loved the bright passionfruit flavor mixed with the guava and found that the combination wasn’t overwhelming.

It’s so pretty!

The cake itself was also moist and creamy with a bit of that saturated texture that you expect from tres leches. The whipped topping was also incredibly smooth. Overall, we were VERY impressed!

We’re obsessed!

If you adore fruit flavors, you may be left wanting more, but this was a light, creamy, sweet little treat!


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