New Community Concept Art for Cotino, Storyliving by Disney

Have you ever had the thought that you wish you could live at Disney? Well, it’s usually chased by a notion of insanity, realizing that living in the Disney Parks would be the very thing that took away all of that special magic and reduced it to a daily grind. However, Disney might be able to offer fans the next best thing. Storyliving by Disney (it’s a mouthful to say) has been in the works for some time now, and as the creators get further down the unique path for the first installment, Cotino, we are getting glimpses of what living in a Disney-minded neighborhood really might look like.

This week, Disney Parks Blog released new concept art to give Disney fans a better look at the proposed community spaces, namely the Laughing Place Ranch, where families can bring their pets to run and play, as well as Longtable Park, for social gatherings and enjoyment.

Longtable Park

Longtable Park residents will have exclusive access to a dedicated gathering place, Longtable Park. This space will bring people together around a large, centerpiece table surrounded by beautiful palo verde and olive trees along with shaded seating and barbecue grills – the perfect place to spend time with friends and family. 

Disney Parks Blog

Laughing Place Ranch

Residents of all ages and their favorite four-legged friends can spend the day playing at Laughing Place Ranch. Designed to celebrate Walt’s love for horses, this equestrian-themed dog park will feature separate play areas where small and large pets can jump and gallop the day away! 

Disney Parks Blog

See The Future Cotino Community Layout

Earlier in the week, Disney Parks gave this exclusive look at the new layout for the community on Instagram. Watch the animation below to get a feel for the design of the new community space:

More details for Cotino, a Storyliving By Disney community, will be coming in the near future. Let us know if you will be considering making the jump to a Disney community in the future.

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