5 Things Disney World Pros No Longer Pack

Planning for your next Disney World trip? Let’s talk about what you need to pack.

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The list can get pretty long when you’re thinking about all the travel essentials you’ll need. And, as you know, there are plenty of opportunities to forget those most important things. But what we’re here to talk about are some of the things that you can leave off your list and save you some space in your luggage.

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We’re in the parks every day and we want to go over some of the things that you might want to leave off of your packing list for your next Disney World trip. Let’s dive in.

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Listen. We get it. Your new pair of jeans are really fashionable, but Florida, where Disney World is located, is known for its humid and often rainy weather most of the year. If you get wet from rain or water rides, jeans tend to absorb moisture and can take a long time to dry. And trust us, walking around in damp, heavy pants for any period of time is uncomfortable.

Rain in Magic Kingdom

Jeans are typically made from heavy and non-breathable material, which can lead to chafing when you’re walking long distances or spending hours on rides, which you’ll be doing plenty of at the parks. Also, the lack of breathability can make you feel sweaty and uncomfortable for the whole day. Ultimately, they’re just not ideal to wear when you’re constantly getting on and off rides, walking long distances, and doing all the things you’ll be doing at the parks.

Rain in Hollywood Studios

We’d recommend wearing lightweight and breathable clothing like shorts, moisture-wicking athletic pants, or even comfortable cargo pants when visiting Disney World. You’ll just have a much better experience at the parks.


Disney snacks can get pretty pricey, which makes bringing your own snacks a decent option to save a couple of bucks and even be healthier too. You just have to figure out how you’re going to carry those snacks with you.


We’d recommend against carrying snacks that are prone to melting or getting crushed in your bag, like chocolate and bananas, which can end up becoming problems when you’re on the go. That’s where getting a proper container comes in and they come in clutch!


A container like this Whiskware Stackable Container is a great option. It is 3 separate containers that can stack on top of each other so it takes up minimal space in your bag. These twist together so no worries about them popping open like other container options. It comes in a variety of Disney characters as well.

Water Bottles

You have to stay hydrated while you’re out there and while you may be tempted to either purchase a pack of 24 water bottles from a local store or purchase water at the parks, we’d actually recommend against it.


Instead of trying to figure out where to buy water, you may want to grab a Water Bottle like this one. It’s collapsible, fits in the bag easily, and can hold up to 20 oz.

Water Bottle Refill Station By TRON

Also, you will find lots of free water refill stations throughout the parks.

This Is the Water Bottle That Literally Everyone Takes to Disney World!


One of the biggest issues that you’ll face at Disney World isn’t the crowds or even the heat. It’s the constant need to charge your phone. You’ll have to live in the Walt Disney World app if you want to skip the lines, stay aware of the current wait times, or make any kind of reservation, which means you’ll be draining your battery quick. To keep your phone alive all day, using a portable charger is probably the best option you have. Instead of bringing a bulky charger that will weigh down your bag, we’d recommend getting a fuel rod.

FuelRods can be found all around the parks!

All over the Disney World parks you’ll find Fuel Rod Stations. Fuel Rods are portable chargers that go for $30 each in Disney World. When yours runs out of battery, just replace it with another one at any Fuel Rod station for no additional cost.

Fuel Rod Station in PizzeRizzo

$30 isn’t bad for a fuel rod that technically doesn’t run out, but you could be getting them for cheaper! Did you know you can get a pack of TWO Fuel Rods on Amazon for $34.99 — you’ll basically save $25!


These are the exact same brand, so they can be swapped out at the Fuel Rod locations within Disney World, and now you will have TWO, so someone else in your party can also recharge! But what do you do if you need to charge multiple phones or other devices at the same time? Have you thought about using a multi-charger?


This charger allows you to charge your phone, MagicBands, and other devices all at the same time. Also, it’s small and lightweight, which means it can easily fit into any park bag without weighing you down.

The $12 Item That Will Make Your Disney Trip 10x Easier


You’re going to be on your feet a lot at Disney World, so you have to make sure that you have the right footwear for your trip. While it might be tempting to sport a brand-new pair of shoes to match your stylish Disney-themed outfit, there’s a high possibility that those new shoes can cause you potential foot problems during your trip.

Need some backups?

Of course, the proper footwear is super dependent on what you’re doing for the day. So, if you’re skipping all over EPCOT, you might not want to wear those flip-flops. Save those for the pool. We definitely recommend planning out your daily activities and bringing an extra pair just in case you get caught in one of those afternoon Florida rain showers.

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So, armed with these insightful tidbits, you can now plan ahead and have the best time on your Disney World trip. Until then, keep it right here for all the latest Disney news!

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What do you wish you had left off your packing for your last Disney World trip? Let us know below!

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