What’s New in Disney’s Hollywood Studios: Holiday Decor Is Up and Fantasmic! Is BACK

Have you heard the BIG Hollywood Studios news??

Tower of Terror in Hollywood Studios

Not only have the holiday decorations gone up, but the popular nighttime show Fantasmic! also returned! Find out EVERYTHING new in Disney’s Hollywood Studios right here.

Hollywood Studios Construction Updates

Holiday decorations are BACK! First, the red and silver tinsel stars were placed on the light posts down Sunset Boulevard.

Look how stunning!

Not long after that, we spotted more decorations like garlands and wreaths placed around the park entrance.

Holiday Decorations

One light post was even outfitted with a Christmas tree!

Christmas tree!

And shortly after those decorations were placed, the big Christmas tree was FINALLY put up in Echo Lake.

Hollywood Studios Christmas Tree

You can also spot all the ornaments in Echo Lake and even Dinosaur Gertie’s festive look!

Click here to see all the holiday decorations up in Hollywood Studios!

Hollywood Studios Merchandise Updates

Keystone Clothiers

Now it’s time to go shopping! At Keystone Clothiers, we found this Ewok Pen with Holder for $24.99.

Ewok Pen with Holder

This Jawa Plush was $22.99.

Jawa Plush

There was also Star Wars Pet Apparel for $24.99.

Star Wars Pet Shirt

This Star Wars Post-It Note and Pad Set was $16.99.

Post-It Note Set

And this Set of 3 Star Wars Notebooks was $16.99.

Set of 3 Notebooks

A Star Wars Hat that says “greatest in the galaxy” was $29.99.

Star Wars Hat

And the AHCH-TO Starbucks Mug was available for $22.99.

Starbucks AHCH-TO Mug

There was a Spider-Man Plush Doll for $26.99.

Spider-Man Doll

This white Star Wars T-Shirt was $39.99.

Star Wars T-Shirt

And this Star Wars Button-Down Shirt was $59.99.

Star Wars Button-Down Shirt

There’s another white Long-Sleeve Star Wars Shirt for $36.99.

Long-sleeve Darth Vader Tee

Let’s head to the next store!

Celebrity 5 & 10

At Celebrity 5 & 10, there was a line of Kitten Marie items, like this Napkins and Rings Set for $49.99

Kitten Marie Napkins and Rings

…this Kitten Marie Pitcher for $44.99

Kitten Marie Pitcher

…a Kitten Marie Dessert Cup for $19.99

Kitten Marie Dessert Cup

…and a Set of Kitten Marie Plates for $49.99.

Kitten Marie Plates

You could get this Jedi Hat for $29.99.

Jedi Hat

This Happy Rosh Hashanah Pin was $17.99.

Rosh Hashanah Pin

It’s time to visit Legends of Hollywood!

Legends of Hollywood

Legends of Hollywood had a Skeleton Corkscrew for $19.99.

Skeleton Corkscrew

When it came to Pandora Jewelry, there were two promotions. One of them was a complimentary Marvel x Pandora Collector’s Box with any Pandora purchase of 5 or more items from the Marvel x Pandora collection.

Marvel Pandora Box

The jewelry box had several slots for your favorite Pandora charms!

Marvel Collector’s Box

There were also several Spider-Man Pandora items available, like a “With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility” Charm for $50, a “Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man” Charm for $70, a Camera Charm for $70, a dangling Spider-Man Charm for $95, and the bracelet itself was $60 with no inscription or $95 with an inscription.

Spider-Man Pandora Bracelet

There was also a complimentary Aladdin 30th Anniversary Poster with the purchase of three or more items from the Aladdin Collection.

Aladdin Poster

In the Aladdin Pandora collection, you can get a Jasmine Charm for $75, a Flower Charm for $65, Magic Carpet Charm for $75, Genie’s Lamp Charm for $155, the Genie for $75, and a Golden Scarab Beetle Charm for $105. You can also get a Ring for $75.

Aladdin Pandora Collection

We’ve got a few more stops to go!

Once Upon A Time

Once Upon a Time had Holiday Pet Sleepwear for $29.99.

Holiday Pet Sleepwear

There was also a Holiday Pet Spirit Jersey for $39.99.

Holiday Pet Spirit Jersey

When it comes to Disney World clothing, we spotted a Walt Disney World Crewneck Sweatshirt for $49.99

Walt Disney World Crewneck

…a Walt Disney World Hoodie for $64.99

Walt Disney World Hoodie

…a Walt Disney World Cropped Tee for $29.99

Walt Disney World Crop Tee

…and this Walt Disney World T-Shirt was $36.99.

Walt Disney World T-Shirt

There was a Mickey Tie-Dye T-Shirt for $36.99.

Mickey Tie-Dye T-Shirt

This yellow Mickey Sweatsuit included a Hoodie for $69.99


…and Sweatpants for $59.99.


There was a Kids’ White Coat for $59.99.

Kids Coat

And finally, we found this fuzzy Neon Green Mickey Bag for $39.99.

Mickey Bag

Now we’re heading over to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

First Order Cargo

First Order Cargo had a First Order Figure Set for $74.99.

First Order Figures

If you’re more of a creature person, however, you’ll want to read on.

Creature Stall

At the Creature Stall, there was a Set of Creature Figures for $34.99!

Creature Figures

And this Gorg was also there for $39.99.


Just a few more stores to go!

Tatooine Traders

At Tatooine Traders, this adorable Holiday Ewok Plush was $24.99.

Ewok Plush

And this R3X Robot and Bluetooth Speaker was also there for $149.99!

r3x Robot and Bluetooth Speaker

Two more stops to go!

Beverly Sunset

At Beverly Sunset, we found this Minnie Cuddleez for $39.99.

Minnie Cuddleez

There was also a Cars Pillow/Blanket for $39.99.

Cars Pillow/Blanket

One more stop left.

Jessie’s Trading Post

And finally, at Jessie’s Trading Post, there was a Pixar Pet T-Shirt available for $24.99

Pixar Dog Shirt

…and there was also a Pet Bandanna Set for $24.99.

Pixar Bandanna

Now that we’re done shopping, let’s go over the biggest news from Hollywood Studios.

Fantasmic! is Back

Fantasmic! officially returned to Hollywood Studios on November 3rd, 2022! The crowds arrived in droves.

Fantasmic Opening Day Crowds

The returning show now has a brand new sequence with new characters, stunt performers, animation, and more, including an Aladdin scene with new stunts, Elsa and the Frozen 2 song “Show Yourself,” and more moments with Pocahontas, Moana, and Mulan.


If you’re planning to see Fantasmic! soon, make sure you check Disney World’s calendar for the correct showtimes, which can vary from night to night. And click below to see all the big changes made to the show!

See the changes made to Fantasmic! here!

And there you have it! All the news from Hollywood Studios. Keep following DFB for more Disney World news and updates!

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