What’s New at Disneyland Resort: Over 250 (!!) Pieces of Merchandise!

Happy holidays from the West Coast — yes, the holidays have arrived in Disneyland.

Holiday Ears and a Snowy Castle

The snow is on the castle, we just learned about an EPIC musical holiday bucket arriving soon, and the food booths are out for the Disney California Adventure Festival of the Holidays. So while we’re gearing up for a fantastic holiday season in the parks, let’s see what else is new here!

Disneyland Merchandise Updates


Okay, here we go! There’s a Star Wars Characters Loungefly Mini Backpack for $75

Star Wars characters

Fuzzy Ears for $34.99


Pink Fuzzy Crocs for $64.99

So fuzzy

…a Mickey Disneyland Long Sleeve Shirt for $39.99

For Adults

…a Mickey Disneyland Long Sleeve Shirt for Kids for $34.99

For Kids

… a Polka Dot Minnie Pillow for $34.99


…a Minnie Mouse Shirt for $36.99


Minnie Mouse Sweats for $49.99

Minnie sweatpants

…a Disney Magic Bucket Hat for $29.99

Disney magic

…a Mickey Mouse Water Bottle for $22.99

Water bottle

… a Stitch Sweatshirt for $39.99

Experiment 626

Stitch Sweats for $49.99

Matching sweats

…a black Stitch Shirt for $36.99


…a Mickey and Minnie Christmas Pin Set for $17.99


…a Mickey Cheer Pin


…a Mickey Wreath Pin

A wreath

…a Pluto Christmas Pin


…a Goofy Christmas Pin


…a Chip ‘n’ Dale Stocking Pin

Our fave chipmunks

… a Dark Gray Disneyland Hoodie for $64.99

Disneyland hoodie

…a Disneyland Beanie for $24.99

Disneyland beanie

Mickey Christmas Baby Pajamas for $39.99

SO cute

Christmas Crocs for $64.99


…a Minnie Baby Christmas Outfit for $44.99


…a Minnie Kids Sweater for $49.99

Minnie sweater

Christmas Socks for $21.99

Fun socks

…a Red Kids Coat for $59.99

Nice coat

…a Chocolate Advent Calendar for $14.99


…a Chip ‘n’ Dale Plush for $34.99

We love them!

Green Christmas Ears for $34.99

Holiday Ears and a Snowy Castle

…a Santa Mickey Spirit Jersey for $94.99

Santa Mickey

…a Mickey and Minnie Christmas Tree Long Sleeve Shirt for $44.99

Decorating the tree

…a Mickey and Minnie Shirt for $36.99

Santa Mickey and Minnie

…a Minnie Cardigan for $59.99

Love these colors

…a Minnie Christmas Sweatshirt for $54.99


…a Set of Chocolate Bars for $15.99

Chocolate bars

Santa Hat Ears for $34.99

Santa ears!

…a Countdown to Christmas for $54.99

How many days?

…a Minnie Sherpa Jacket for $64.99

This looks warm

…a Tree Skirt for $79.99

Adorable tree skirt

…a Greeting Card Set for $19.99

Greeting cards

…an Ornament Set of 5 for $44.99

The Fab 5

… a Bauble Ornament Set for $34.99

Pretty baubles

…a Mickey Starbucks Espresso Cup for $17.99

Cutest espresso cup ever

…a Mickey Santa Hat Starbucks Bottle for $29.99

Awesome water bottle

…a Mickey Starbucks Tumbler for $29.99

Santa Mickey Tumbler

…a Best Christmas Wishes Plate for $14.99

Best Christmas Wishes

…a Plate Set of 4 for $44.99

4 holiday plates

…a Lights Glass for $14.99

It’s got lights on it

…a Set of 4 Glasses for $39.99

Full set of glasses

…a Set of 4 Bowls for $44.99


Seasons Greetings Dish Towels for $19.99

Kitchen towels

…a Mickey Christmas Snoap Wand for $32.48

Let it snoap

…a Christmas Sweater Spirit Jersey for $99.99

It’s a sweater AND a spirit jersey

Flannel Hat Ears for $34.99

Winter hat ears

Plaid Ears for $34.99

Plaid ears

…a Happy Holidays Pet Shirt for $39.99

Pet spirit jersey

…a DIY Card Kit for $24.99

Make your own cards

All Over Holiday Print Sweats for $49.99

Fun holiday sweats

All Over Holiday Print Hoodie for $64.99

Matching hoodie

…a Light Up Musical Figurine for $69.99

It plays music!

…a Mickey Mold for $29.99


Mickey Krispies Treats for $13.99


…a Cookie Cutter Set for $24.99

Make cookies!

Christmas Cocoa Popcorn for $6.99

Cocoa popcorn

…a Mickey Holiday Baking Dish for $29.99

Holiday casserole?

…a Mickey Holiday Baking Dish with Lid for $39.99

Fun baking dish

…a Seasons Greetings Mixing Bowl Set of 3 for $44.99

Mixing Bowls

Toy Story Holiday Ears for $34.99

Toy Story ears

…a Black Panther Snowball Ornament for $26.99

Black Panther

…a Yule Be Merry Rocket and Groot Stocking for $34.99

Rocket and Groot

Avengers Pajama Pants for $39.99

Holiday Avengers PJs

…a Seasons Grootings Shirt for $36.99

Seasons Grootings

Kids Crocs for $54.99...

Kid’s Crocs

…a Mickey Ear Baseball Hat for $29.99

Gingerbread Mickey

…a Gingerbread Long Sleeve Button Up Shirt for $49.99

…a Star Wars Kids Onesie for $34.99

Star Wars

…a Yoda Santa Hat for $29.99

Yoda Ears

…a Mickey Wreath for $49.99

Pretty wreath

…a Light Up Mickey Figure for $59.99

It lights up

…a Pet Button Up Shirt for $29.99

Pet shirt

…an Adult Pajama Set for $59.99

Plaid PJs

…a Kids Plaid Dress for $34.99

Plaid dress

…a Kids Plaid Mickey Shirt and Pants for $39.99


…a Holiday Minnie Plush for $29.99

Holiday Minnie

…a Baymax Plush for $29.99


…a Snowman Spirit Jersey for $79.99


…a Mickey Turtleneck Shirt for $39.99


…a Onesie Set for $34.99

Holiday onesies

…a Baby Dress for $34.99

Sweet dress

…a Kids Christmas Long Sleeve Shirt for $29.99

Kid’s shirt

…a Christmas Light Necklace

So fun

Mickey and Minnie Snow Ears (which we already saw in Disney World) for $34.99

Yay for the holidays!

…a Merriest Place on Earth Magnet


…and Denim Ears.

90’s ears

The ears are $34.99.

ALERT! A MUSICAL Holiday Popcorn Bucket Is Coming Soon to Disney World and Disneyland! Get A Sneak Peek!

Plaza Point

Okay, there’s more. There’s a Cookies and Milk Set for $29.99

Cookies and milk for Santa

…a Seasons Greetings Bag Tote for $5.99


…a Tree Skirt for $79.99

Tree skirt

…a Germany Christmas Ornament for $22.99


…a Mickey Hanukkah Plush for $29.99

Hanukkah Mickey

…a Hanukkah Tray for $34.99


…a Hanukkah Napkin for $12.99


…a Hanukkah Table Runner for $59.99

Table runner

…a Hanukkah Glass for $17.99

Wine glass

…a Hanukkah Blanket for $74.99


…a Hanukkah Pillow for $34.99


…a Make the Season Bright Tray for $39.99


…a Toy to the World Pillow for $34.99

Toy Story holiday pillow

…a Pixar Blanket for $59.99

Fuzzy blankie

…a Most Magical Time of the Year Tray for $29.99

Mickey and Minnie

…and a Judy Hopps Mug.


The mug is $24.99.

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Disney Clothiers

Here, we found a Mickey All Over Print Fleece Jacket for $69.99


…and a Mickey Fleece Jacket for $69.99

Mickey again!

…a Disneyland Sleeve “D” Long Sleeve Shirt for $44.99

The Big D

Mickey Santa Adjustable Ears for $23.99

Adjustable ears

Baublebar Holiday Ears for $54.99


…and a Christmas Dooney & Bourke Satchel.

Dooney & Bourke bag

The satchel is $298.

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20th Century Music Shop

How about some holiday pins? We’ve got a Mickey and Friends Decorating Castle Pin for $34.99

Jumbo pin

…a Buzz Pin for $19.99


…a Sulley Pin for $19.99


…a Dug Pin for $19.99


…and a Coco Pin.


The Coco Pin is $19.99.

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Disney Showcase

Here we found a Frame Ornament for $24.99…

Frame Ornament

…a Holiday Mickey Plush for $29.99


…a Kids Dress with Bow for $69.99

So pretty

…a Holiday Soap Dispenser for $29.99


…a Merriest Place on Earth Pitcher for $34.99


…a DIY Ornament Kit for $19.99

Make ornaments

…and a Pet Toy Set.

Pet toys

The pet toy set is $24.99.

Get a SNEAK PEEK at Disney’s 100th Anniversary Spirit Jersey

Mad Hatter

How about a Zootopia Beanie?


The hat is $24.99.

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Star Trader

Okay, over at Star Trader, we found a Star Wars Button Up Shirt for $59.99

Star Wars shirt

…a Greatest in the Galaxy Hat for $29.99

Baseball cap

…a Greatest in the Galaxy Kids Shirt for $29.99

Kids shirt

…a Marvel Anorak for $59.99


…a Marvel Onesie for $29.99

Too cute

…a Marvel Pocket Tee for $36.99

Pocket tee

…a Marvel Sweater Vest for $49.99

Sweater vest

Marvel Khakis for $54.99

Yep, Khakis

…a T’Challa Glow Necklace for $18.56


…a Sulley Nutcracker for $69.99

It’s a nutcracker!

…a Toy Story Alien Light Up Glass Tree for $54.99


… a Wall-e Oven Mitt for $34.99

Bake with Wall-E

…and Pixar Dog Toys.

Adorable pet toys

The dog toys are $24.99.

Sleeping Beauty Castle Will Get a NEW Look For Disney’s 100th Anniversary — See Concept Art

Pioneer Mercantile

Here we found a Pixar Hot Cocoa Set for $14.99

Hot cocoa!

…and a Bambi Baret.

Berets are cool

The beret is $29.99.

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Westward Ho Pin Trading

Okay, there are a TON of fun Ornament Pins here for $24.99 each. There’s White Rabbit

White Rabbit

Timothy Mouse

Timothy Mouse



Peter Pan

Peter Pan



Cogworth and Lumiere

Cogworth and Lumiere

Abu as an elephant

Abu as an elephant

…and 101 Dalmations.

101 Dalmations

We also found a Holiday Mystery Pin Set for $17.99


…and a Big Hero 6 Countdown Pin.

Big Hero 6

The countdown pin is $17.99.

Here’s The Opening DATE for Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway in Disneyland

California Adventure Merchandise Updates

Elysian Arcade

The Black Starbucks Tumbler is here!

SO cool

It’s $49.98.

Disney’s  ‘Princess and the Frog’ Store Is OPEN — Coming INSIDE With Us!

Five and Dime

Check out this new Zootopia Hat for $24.99


…and this Powerline Shirt!


The shirt is $36.99.

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Off the Page

There’s a Drax Holiday Funko Pop for $14.99


…a Santa Clause Mug for $29.99

Scott Calvin’s mug

…and a Santa Clause Ornament.

The Santa Clause

The ornament is $29.99.

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Super Store

Here, we found a Shuri in Sunbird Funko Pop for $29.99

Shuri in Sunbird

Marvel Nesting Bowls for $34.99

Bowl set

…a Marvel Mug for $14.99

New mug

…a Marvel Oven Mitt for $19.99

For your baking

…a Marvel Spatula and Whisk Set for $19.99

Whisk up a Marvel treat

Marvel Measuring Cups for $24.99

Measuring cups

…a Marvel Spatula for $14.99


Marvel Coasters for $29.99


…a Marvel Pot for $29.99

All about Marvel

…a Wakanda Forever Kids Shirt for $29.99

Wakanda Forever

…a Shuri Designer Doll for $129.99


…a Marvel Pocket Tee for $36.99

Another pocket tee

…a Marvel Hoodie for $59.99

Bright hoodie

…a Spider-Man Holiday Mug for $19.99

Spidey and friends

…a Holiday Groot Onesie for $29.99

I am Groot

…a M’baku Funko Pop for $14.99


…and a Marvel Light Up Sign.

Light-up sign

The sign is $99.99.

TWO New Nighttime Spectaculars Announced For Disneyland Resort! Get Details!

Collector’s Warehouse

There’s a new Spider-Man Cosbaby for $24.99


…a Black and Gold Spider-Man Cosbaby for $24.99

Black and gold suit

…a Green Goblin Cosbaby for $29.99

Green Goblin

…and a Dr. Octopus Cosbaby.

Doc Ock

Doc Ock is $29.99.

Check Out Concept Art Released for the Reimagined Toontown in Disneyland

WEB Suppliers

You can get a Spidey Amazing Friends Puzzle.

It’s a puzzle

The puzzle is $14.99.

Here’s More About The ‘Big Hero 6’ Land Coming to Disney California Adventure

Knick’s Knacks

There’s a Lotso Shirt for $39.99


Monsters Inc. Shorts for $39.99

Monsters Shorts

…a Soul Desktop Organizer for $24.99


…an Up Wedding Countdown for $49.99

SO sweet

…and a Dante Coloring Plush.

Color Dante

The plush is $39.99.

Here Are Details on the NEW Attraction Coming to Disney’s Avengers Campus — And a FIRST LOOK at King Thanos

Rushin’ River

Some new animal plushes are here. There’s a Gorilla Plush for $29.99


…a Zebra Plush for $24.99


…and a Cheetah Plush.


The cheetah is $24.99.

Here Are The NEW Dining Options Coming to Mickey’s Toontown in Disneyland

Downtown Disney Merchandise Updates

World of Disney

Here’s what we found at World of Disney: a Striped Mickey Long Sleeve Shirt for $39.99

Mickey shirt

…a Minnie and Daisy Disneyland Shirt for $19.99.

Minnie and Daisy

…a pair of Castle Track Pants for $44.99

Castle pants

…a Disneyland Track Hoodie for $49.99.

Matching hoodie

…a Fab Four Sweatshirt for $32.99

Donald, Mickey, Goofy, and Pluto

…a Disneyland Sweatshirt for $32.99


… a Caterpillar Loungefly Mini Backpack for $85

Rare character!

…a Germany Christmas Shirt for $24.99

Germany Shirt

…a Germany Christmas Mug for $19.99

Germany Mug

…this Germany Christmas Dish Towel for $19.99

Dish Towels

…the Olaf Pajama Pillow Set for $44.99...

Olaf PJs

…the Rex Pajama Pillow Set for $44.99

Rex PJs

…the Stitch Pajama Pillow Set for $44.99

Stitch PJs

…the 12 Days of Christmas Ornament for $39.99

12 Days of Christmas Ornament

…a Green Christmas Long Sleeve for $36.99

Long Sleeve

…the Toy Story Set of 3 Costumes for $169.99


…the Stitch Nice List? Kids Shirt for $19.99


…the Snow White Ornament Set for $79.99

Snow White Ornaments

…the Mickey and Minnie Caroling Ornament for $26.99


…and the Mickey and Minnie Nutcracker Ornament for $22.99

Nutcracker Ornament

…the Hanukkah T-Shirt for $36.99

Hanukkah Shirt

…the Hanukkah Gift Tags for $12.99

Gift Tags

…a Yule Be Merry Dog Shirt for $24.99

Pet Shirt

…the Santa Clause Card Holder for $49.99

Card Holder

…the Brave Limited Edition Doll for $149.99


…the Jasmine Limited Edition Doll also for $149.99


…this Avatar Jacket for $89.99


…a Skimwig Plush for $22.99

Skimwig Plush

…and this Ilu Avatar Plushes.

Ilu Plush

These are $34.99 each.

See the NEWEST Trailer for ‘Avatar: The Way of Water’ Here!

Dress Shop

Over in the Dress Shop, you’ll find the Dooney and Bourke Christmas Wallet for $168


…this Black Loungefly Wallet for $50

Loungefly Wallet

…a Minnie Mexico Shirt for $36.99


…and a Mexico Hoodie.


The hoodie costs $64.99.

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Pin Traders

Looking for some pins? Check out the Disneyland Hotel Holiday Pin

Disneyland Hotel

…the Grand Californian Pin

Grand Californian Pin

…and the Paradise Pier Hotel Pin. These are $19.99 each.

Paradise Pier Hotel Pin

Also grab the “it’s a small world” Holiday Pin for $24.99


…the Haunted Mansion Holiday Pin for $19.99

Haunted Mansion Holiday

…the Character Gift Boxes Pin for $19.99


…and the Moana Princess Tea Party Pin.

Tea Party

The tea party pin is $19.99.

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Star Wars Trading Post

Celebrate the Star Wars holiday Life Day with the Life Day Shirt for $36.99

Life Day Shirt

…the Life Day Tumbler for $24.99


…the Life Day Robe for $49.99


…the Life Day Ornament for $24.99


…the Chewbacca Life Day Funko Pop for $14.99


…and the Chewbacca Life Day Plush.


The plush will cost you $26.99.

Here’s an UPDATE on the Transformation of Paradise Pier Hotel at Disneyland Resort

Grand Californian Merchandise Updates

Acorns Gifts and Goods

Disney Vacation Club members have some new merch to check out! There is lots to see like the DVC License Plate Frame ($24.99)


…the DVC Corckcicle Cup ($40.99)


…a DVC Keychain ($14.99)


…the DVC Mickey Ornament ($22.99)


…the DVC Luggage Tag ($14.99)

Luggage Tag

…the DVC Loungefly ($80)


…a DVC Dooney and Bourke Backpack ($298)


…the DVC Quarter Zip ($59.99)

DVC Pullover

…a DVC Tumbler ($29.99)


…the Welcome Home for the Holidays Shirt ($34.99)


…a Women’s Home for the Holidays Shirt ($29.99)


…the Good Times Great Places Jacket ($59.99)


…a DVC Button Up ($59.99)

Button Up Shirt

…the DVC Holiday Tumbler ($29.99)

Holiday Tumbler

…a DVC Spirit Jersey ($79.99)

Spirit Jersey

…this pair of DVC Loungefly Ears ($44.99)


…and finally, the Let the Good Times Begin Shirt.

Good Times Shirt

Grab the shirt for $29.99.

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Are you planning on visiting Disneyland for the holidays? Be sure to check out all the holiday decor in the parks, and don’t miss the Festival of the Holidays in Disney California Adventure — all the food booths are listed here!

You’ll also want to be sure to ride Haunted Mansion Holiday, as well as “it’s a small world” with its holiday overlay!

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